YWCA (1975)



  1. cubtat2:

    I worked at the YWCA a few years ago. It was in shabby condition on the inside. Not much to look at once you left the waiting area (I think it was called The Weaver Room). Several problems as well–I remember one of the pipes busting in the ladies locker room in January because there was no heat on the side of the building where that locker room was located. It looks good on the outside, I guess, but on the inside, not so good.

  2. Giuseppe:

    Can you imagine what the place could be… The loft type apartments, maybe some shops on the bottom floors! There are so many places you’d love to see saved!
    You know what I notice around the corner is the Roxy Theater… Does anyone have any photos of the Roxy that could be posted? Use to love to walk downtown to the show back in the 60’s!

  3. ileaner:

    This building was recently bought by a Springfield man – intent on revamping it!
    He also is fixing up a 3 story on 4th..tween Adams and Monroe??

  4. Jerry Waters:

    Anyone remember Skyranch, the dance on Saturday night in the 50’s? My wife and I met there in 1959.
    If I remember correctly, no one over 14 was allowed.

  5. Barb:

    I remember that place, friends and I were just talking about that, I couldn’t remember the name. We would go almost every weekend and dance. Really fun.

  6. Gary P:

    I think that the Sky Ranch (of the Junior Sky Ranch) was for 8th graders. I met my first real girlfriend there in the spring of 1955. Lots of great memories.
    By the way, I was surprised that the Roxy Theater was still around in 1975, but then I left Springfield in 1959. Still come back every few years, but it is a completely different place.

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