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6th and Adams (1960)


400 Block of East Adams (1962)

This photo was taken in July of 1962.  Roll your mouse over the old photo to see what this street looks like today (Nov 2009).  

5th and Washington (Early 1970s)

Hold your cursor over the photo to see how this spot looks now.  

6th and Adams (1965)


Lincoln Law Office Building (1960’s)


100 Block of North 6th (1960)


6th and Monroe (1966)


506 E. Adams (1966)

The downtown Osco closed its doors July 12, 2006. The store was part of a large purchase of 700 Osco drugstores by CVS and market saturation between existing CVS and Osco stores has made the Plaza location expendable. From the SJ-R article by Lisa Kernek: Osco Drug opened at 521 E. Monroe St. in 1953, […] 

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