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State Armory (1954)

This view from the State Capital grounds was featured as the January photo in the 2011 Springfield Rewind wall calendar. Here’s how it looks in the calendar:  

Public Square – South (ca. 1950)


6th and Adams (1956)

Mouse over the ’56 photo to see the view from 2009. You’ll notice in the back that the bank building is quite a bit larger than it was in 1956.  Check out this Rewind page to see the expansion in progress. http://www.springfieldrewind.com/first-national-bank-1973  

221 S. 5th (1957)

Hold your cursor over the photo to see how this spot looks now (Oct 2009).  

Cook St. Facing East From 3rd (1959)


5th and Monroe (1954)


4th and Washington (1956)


1219 W. Ash (1950)


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