Strand Theater (1965)



  1. Giuseppe:

    Wow how much space does one bank need! Didn’t that use to be Marine bank when it didn’t take up the entire block that is?

  2. Katabatac:

    I used to work in the Ameren building in the back ground and walked past the bank daily. The bank only takes about 1/4 of the block and most of it is parking and the drive though. The columns past the “original” part of the building have nothing behind them but the parking lot and the entrance to the drive though. The exit is on Washington just to the left of the edge of the photo.

  3. ed kienzler:

    Again another great theatre torn down for a BANK!!! When will the madness be allowed to END!!!

  4. Mike:

    The Strand had gotten pretty bad before it closed.

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