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  1. Craig:

    The studios for the long-defunct FM radio station WVEM were located on the second floor of this building, just up the stairs on the left-side entrance. I think they went on the air in 1965.

  2. secretsquirel68:

    Was this a real newspaper.

  3. Jerry Waters:

    The Sun was a real newspaper which existed for a short time in the early 1960’s. I bought 50 shares of their original stock, which was sold at the State Fair in the Illinois Building in 1961 or 62. Although the paper folded, I got all of my investment back.

  4. ramses9:

    I believe that prior to the radio station this building housed an auto parts store. I think it was associated with NAPA auto parts.

    • Danny Menghini:

      NOT NAPA!! Mr. Menghini would turn over in his grave if he heard that. It was Pronto Auto Parts which Mr. Menghini started.

  5. janefee:

    This building housed an automotive parts warehouse, Menco Corp., with its offices on the second floor; two offices on that same floor were the home of WVEM radio. Menco Corp. was owned by William J. Menghini, who also owned SASCO auto parts, BILBO Electronics and the Springfield Sun. Menco was not associated with NAPA; its brand name was Pronto. Mr. Menghini would be rolling in his grave if he heard his building was being associated with NAPA.

    The Springfield Sun, which occupied the first floor, printed newspapers from 1964 to 1972. It was noted especially for its pictures of brides hecause it used the new offset printing process. We Springfield Sun employees had heard that the building at 3rd and Jefferson used to be a hotel and then became a chicken brooder house. Whenever we would have late nights trying to get a weekly newspaper out, we would exclaim, “Let’s give the place back to the chickens!”

    What Isringhausen has done to Mr. Menghini’s building would please him immensely since he was a life-long automobile enthusiast.

  6. I am curious if anyone would have information if there are record copies of the Springfield Sun to be viewed. A close friend’s father who has passed used to provide a column for the Springfield Sun. Philips Carruthers wrote a column on flying and his children are trying find copies or get xerox’s of copies for a publication they are attempting to put together. This I understand may not be easy or possible since it pre-dates the common computer. The family did check at the Springfield library but did not locate anything at this time. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact David Carruthers at 217-691-4448. Thank you.

  7. Mikki:

    I just called Lincoln Library (326 S 7th), the Sangamon Valley Collection (different than periodicals) and they have on microfilm of the Springfield Star/Sun issues May 14 ’64- Jan 4 ’72. Granted if you do not know the date of the article it might take some searching. But the staff of SVC is very helpful. Good Luck.

  8. Craig:

    I’ve never seen any older photos of this building prior to the 1960s, but it does appear to look a bit like a hotel.

    Danny Menghini owned WVEM radio, I think he was a cousin of William Menghini, hence his ability to get space on the second floor.

  9. Ric:

    I just came across these posts. I remember my days as a carrier for the Sun during my junior high days. It’s to bad the Sun didn’t last longer then it did.

  10. Anonymous:


  11. Veronica:

    Found a complete copy of the Springfield Sun dated October 31st, 1965 in my crawl space.
    Would love to pass it on to someone who would be interested in this copy.

    • Randy:

      Veronica, You can call the Sangamon Valley Collection at the Lincoln Library, they would probably put it in their archives. You could call 753-4900 and ask for Curt or Beth.

  12. (Not the radio station owner) I worked at the building when it was Menco Automtive warehouse. I too heard that it had been a chicken house. It was also at one time, I heard, on second floor, a car repair shop. There was a elevator accessible from the Jefferson St. side where cars could be brought up to second floor. There was a lot of history up on third floor. When I was working there, there was still a very large roll of newspaper up on third floor. Menco could still be around today, I believe, if it would have been managed better. -Danny



  14. James Gildner, MD:

    I was a ‘paper boy’ for the Sun in the late 60’s. Twice a week if I recall. Came in the afternoon. My hands would be black after folding and putting rubber bands on them (they were mostly pictures) while I watched Gilligan’s Island reruns or McHale’s Navy. Had to collect fees door to door. 50 cents a month. I still have my cloth paper bag with the “Springfield Sun” lettering.

  15. This site is wonderful! However, I was unable to post a request, so utilizing this option.

    Does anyone know where pictures and information can be obtained about auction houses in Springfield in the 40s and 50s? My grandfather was an auctioneer and I have fond me memories of going to the sales with G’pa and G’ma.
    Thank You.

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