Spring & Cook (1950)



  1. Anonymous Communist:

    LOL @ “I deal drugs.”

  2. David Robinson:

    And the Chatterbox where you could get a bottle of Huber Beer for 20 cents!

  3. Craig:

    The Chatterbox was before my time, but I did frequent this building when it became the Midway Pub later on. Popular bar with good food. Now it’s just a vacant lot and a memory.

  4. Joe Rock:

    Just to the north of the Chatterbox/Midway Pub was Bud’s Drive-In Dairy. Just a memory now.

  5. Hey, My aunt and uncle owned a restaurant named Pixie Pantry in the 1960’s….can anyone tell me if it is near this area?

  6. Dave Houston:

    Before the Midway Pub it was the Oasis and I believe the drive-in was owned by the Taft family who had another one on Cook and about 24th……Taft’s Drive-in Dairy. Remember Midway had 28 cent Old Style on tap and peanut shells all over the floor. Not to mention a deep dish pizza to die for. Across from Midway was the Ideal Lounge on the Cook street side of the building and they had a 3 o’clock license, if memory serves me. (Hic).

  7. Kathy:

    I remember the Midway! We used top go there for Happy Hour, then go home, sleep it off and go out again!

  8. alex:

    hi just found this site today it’s wonderful.
    the pixie was 1 block west and 1 block north at the corner of college and edwards. across the street north was goechalks(spelling?) store. across the street east was kopatz service station. i lived on canedy and pasfield.

  9. alex:

    hi that was bud eimer that owned buds i worked there in 63 and 64.

  10. MIKE T:

    My mother worked at the Ideal drug store & subed if a waitress didn’t show in the lounge.That was in the late 50s

  11. Carol Janousek:

    Met my future husband at the Ideal Lounge 1960!

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