I get several emails every month asking me to cover specific locations. These spots are always the first I try to get to (if there’s a decent before shot available) because I know there’s at least one person who wants to see it. So if there’s anything in particular you would like to see on Springfield Rewind that hasn’t been covered yet, go ahead and leave your request in the comments section below. It can be almost anything – businesses, homes, streets, landmarks, whatever.


  1. Giuseppe:

    Hey just wanted to comment that your site is Great! Its so nice to be able to come here and reminisce about the old days and growing up in Springfield in the 60’s and 70’s!
    Thanks again!

  2. Pat McLaughlin:

    Russ…Will you contact me at your convenience? A good friend of mine, Don Duffy, has a remarkable collection of historical (Springfield)negatives and photos (he has his own darkroom, too). He’s interested in sharing some with you. If you’re interested in talking with him, let me know and I’ll put you two together (he doesn’t have e-mail).

    I’m Pat McLaughlin — you did our first website for Illinois Movers’ and Warehousemen’s Association. Hope to hear from you. (weekday phone 585-2470). Thanks!

  3. I grew up a block from Douglas Community Center on 15th and Monroe (in the 40’s). The Boy’s & Girl’s Club is now in that location. We all remember the big “mansion”. Check it out.

  4. I would really like to see a rewind of Butler Elementary School. I know of one picture from the 50s that would be interesting to see again. It was featured in one of the Springfield-themed picture books that came out a few years back.

    Butler School was built in 1926. Surely there must be some more pictures out there of it.

  5. Dan:

    I would love to see more interior pictures of White Oaks Mall from the 80’s & early 90’s!! Brings back alot of memories!!

  6. John P.:

    Love the site!!! I grew up in Springfield in the 70s-early 80s near the lake. I’m living St. Louis now, and I was wondering if you had way of finding picture of things like
    – The old Top Boy hamburger place on Stevenson Drive. (I think it’s a Domino’s Pizza now.)
    – Capital City Shopping Center before its 80s era “makeover”. It had Kroger/SuperX at the south end, and Zayre at the northend. The exterior decor had a neally cool early 60s color scheme.
    – The old Frisina Cinema before its transition to a strip joint.
    – I worked at the Denny’s on Stevenson in high school, and it’s undergone several remodels. I don’t know if there are any interior shots of the original ugly pink and orange color scheme around, but that might be interesting.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  7. Jake:

    Great website!! I lived in Springfield from 1966-until 1975. I now live in Phoenix. I like the old photos. remember a few places too!!!

    Keep up the great work!!!!


  8. Ann:

    I am trying to find pictures of the old John Rabbitt house on the corner of Cornell and Randall Ct. It was the original house that Southeast High School was purchased from this property.

  9. Scott:

    Love your website, I am amazed at how well you match the photos.
    Any chance of seeing some done for the State Fairgrounds area?

    Would also enjoy more from the west end/wabash

  10. Matt:

    I would like to see some pictures of the Blessed Sacrament School and area. Pease’s Candy, DJ’s Cafe and the corner of Laurel and MacArthur.

  11. Jay:

    Heres a good list. How bout the Kroger at 2nd and South Grand which has now been replaced by what was Public aid building.

    Of course town and country shopping center how bout the kmart/venture/woolco or was it woolworth building.

    The building that was walgreens at macarthur and ash until it was replaced.

    the Mcdonalds on Macathur-it is a landmark in my mind its on of the original ones.

    Anything along the Macarthur/wabash corridor would be awesome even the Kroger at wabash and chatham Howbout capital city shopping center including the A&P

    Ok i’ll stop now soooo much springfield past.

  12. Giuseppe:

    Totally agree, it’s amazing how you do the photos before and after! What a talent!
    As some have mentioned the old Kroger store 2nd and South Grand, everyday places we went to like that, Melocream doughnut shop, The movie theaters downtown, more old home sites! Christmas / Holiday scenes, just life in Springfield photos!
    This is sounding more like my Christmas list! LoL
    Thanks so much for the great website!

  13. Giuseppe:

    Hey Russ,
    What about those arches that use to crisscross from I think 5th where Myers was across that corner and the next one South too I believe. Does anyone know what they were actually for, maybe something with the street cars? I’ve seen pictures on old post cards before.

  14. I wonder if anybody has any pictures of the North Grand Icy on North Grand and Rutledge where all the north enders hung out?

  15. Paul H:

    How about some of the old movie theaters. I see you have one of the Senate. I remember one called the Roxy. The Frisina also sticks in my mind.

    Add some photos of the interior of the buildings too.
    That would be cool.

  16. Giuseppe:

    Hey Paul I found some if you click the 5th link on the right of the main page and scroll down just a bit 5th and jackson has a great pic of the Roxy and the Orpheum is a little further down on the same page!

  17. Giuseppe:

    Hey Russ what about a page for posting Springfield stories? Just short stories about our memories of what makes Springfield special to us even if there’s not a photo to go along with the story? Would anyone else be interested in this?

  18. Paul H:

    Do you have a pic of the Hub clothiers? The sporting goods store ( I think it was Blacks )?

    • Tammy:

      it was Fishburns, I want to find out what was on the other side of the Hub, not the theatre closer to 7th street.

  19. TP:

    Was wondering if you have anything on the old armory building – which was later Metal Air Co.

  20. Giuseppe:

    I’m positive you are right Paul, Blacks! Can remember starting middle school and needing some uhhh supportive type equipment and Mr G telling us to go to Blacks!

  21. I should probably address some of these requests! :)

    * I’ll be doing a special section for the old theaters in town, including a lot of interior shots from the Orpheum.

    * I will try to track down some old shots of Capital City Shopping Center. I haven’t seen too many so far, but I’ll keep looking. I do have some of Town and Country that will be in the next round of updates.

    * I do have a shot or two of The Hub – and I did some retakes today. If I can find a match, I’ll post it soon.

    * Giuseppe – I will add a forum for readers to share stories. Sometimes I will have an old photo that can’t be updated because of a weird angle or something, and it might be nice to include those when they can go along with a story. I have several shots that include the arches you’re thinking of. I have heard that those were strictly decorative.

  22. Giuseppe:

    Hey Russ! Whatever you come up with will be Great! It can’t be easy keeping up with a site like this but I sure do appreciate you doing it! I really love this site and Thank you for making it possible!

  23. Sonya:

    Would like to see the Lake Club on Fox Bridge Road in its heyday and how the propery looks now; businesses in mid 1960’s along Monroe up to railroad tracks & along 2nd Street where Sec of State Library is now; Thompson’s Restaurant in 1965 (or around then) where Stella Blue & other restaurant our now on Fifth Street; Pixie Pantry Restaurant on Edwards and College Corner in the 1960’s until closing; Restaurant that used to be about where Mochino’s (spelling ?) Tavern is on Adams in the late 1960’s (used to eat there when I first started working in Springfield); and what used to be on the diagonal street where “On Broadway” is. Really like Springfield Rewing. It’s fun to remember when I first came to work in Springfield. Thanks.

  24. Paul H:

    I love this site. I was born and raised in a farming town NW of Springfield. We doctored at the Springfield Clinic. I would like to see some rewinds of that area. There was a Mel-O-Cream doughnut shop over on seventh or ninth st near there. We stopped at the Maid-Rite shop on the way out of town and I would like to see some old photos of that place too.


    • Mike T:

      I was in Springfield 3 yrs ago for a reunion at the St James Tradeschool where I went to learn the baking trade.I graduated in 62.I was going to Tallula IL where my parents lived when they were kids.As I left Spfld I was supprised to see the Maid-Rite still there.My aunt & uncle lived 2 blocks to the west,where a big state bldg is now,& we would go to the Maid-Rite.I have a picture of it & will try to send it to this site.Ijust found this site by accident.IT IS SURE IS INTERESTING

  25. Seth:

    This site is simply amazing! My request would be for some pics of the South 5th & 6th Street corridor where Fiat Allis was, now Park South and the area where Country Market is. If memory serves me correct there used to be a huge flower shop on that land. And further south the old Dairy Queen/Cozy Dog, Abe Lincoln Motel etc.

  26. to John P on the possibility of finding a picture of the old Top Boy restaurant on Stevenson Drive.I can’t help you there,but just an aside to the request.My wife grew up on Yacht Club Road at the lake and used to ride her pony into the drive thru and trained him to step on the little hose that ran across the drive to get the attention of whomever was working the window that particular night.He was usually rewarded at the window with a treat for his good behavior.

  27. RK:

    Very Cool – I just found the site and loved looking at the pics – esp as you have before and now. Please continue to add more.

    There used to be a restaurant on Clearlake and Dirksen Pkwy (before Hardees) that my parents would take us for birthday celebrations – would love pics of that as well as the old Shahanes Raceway.

    Keep up the great job!

  28. TH:

    How about the Vachel Lindsay Bridge or other Lake Springfield locations. Lakeside powerplant or Spaulding Dam. Old coal mines on the west side of town. Fiat-Allis, the old grain elevator by Bunn on Stevenson. The old Friendly Chevrolet.

  29. Paul H:

    I hope this site will stay active. As an expatriate of central Illinois, this site is a salve for my homesick blues, and keeps me apprised of the changes in Springfield. I was back in June and enjoyed a turn around town. With the fair getting started it would be nice to see some old and new pics of the fairgrounds.

  30. There are no plans to shut down the site, but updates may be a bit more infrequent while I’m working on Volume One of the book version (which will hopefully be ready by Christmas).

  31. Scott:

    Love the site, your work is very impressive. Look forward to purchasing the book.

    Any chance of getting some from the state fairgrounds?

    Looking forward to seeing new shots….

  32. Paul H.:

    Will the book be available locally or nationally?

  33. Both. It will also be available for ordering online.

  34. Paul H:

    Cool. I will be looking forward to it.

  35. John K:

    Great site!
    I was wondering if you had any pictures of the old Town and Country shopping center on South MacArthur, or any out around the lake?

    Also, if you knew of any theater that had ocean murals with King Triton and a blue whale? in Springfield…
    Thank you!

  36. bruce beeman:

    do you have photos of the Bunn-Sankey house, 1001 south Sixth Street. I would very much like to see them if you do.

  37. Sandy:

    Hi, would love to see more on the North End of Springfield, i.e., Sangamon Ave, N. Grand Ave., Fairgrounds, etc. I had a Mr. Volkmann as a teacher in Jr. High at Tri-City, did Carl ever teach there or his family?

  38. Marty:

    I lived in Springfield from 1970 to 1974, but patents and their families grew up there, I have been doing research on my family and am looking for a photo of the Mecca Tavern. It was run by my grandfather and I have been told that it was open from the repeal of prohibition until the late 60’s

  39. Scott:

    John K, regarding your question about the theater that had ocean murals with King Triton and a blue whale, could it have been the Pantheon on N. Grand? I think it was near the intersection of 8th and N. Grand. Just a guess.

    • Mike T:

      Right on location of Pantheon on N grand Had to take my brother there most saturdays.Went to see GODZILLA. We spent more time in bathroom as brother was scared

  40. Don:

    I would like more pics of downtown in the fifties and sixties. Also interested in old Spfld. grocery stores. Do you have and pics of Millers Market on W. Jefferson, Tollys Market at Jefferson & Walnut, Union Market On Mason & Rutledge, Lortons Grocery, there were so many neighborhood markets. Also old school photos.

  41. Anonymous:

    fiat allis

  42. Iam a Springfield native and have retired to Florida. In 1957 while going to college I worked at Southwest Airport as a line boy for the Brandis Brothers (Bob and John) In June of that year Iwas in the shop area (the brick building with the old control tower) Chuck Vaughn the flight instructer said the weather was looking bad in the West and we should close the big hanger which was full of airplanes. We made it to the hanger and could only close 2 of the five doors when we saw the Tornado coming at us. Looking in the hanger the roof left and all the airplanes wereup against the girders and then fell down. We were not hurt and the airport had one plane which was flyable a Piper Tripacer whigh was on a trip.

  43. Dave:

    how about anything????? no new pics in 7 months!?!?!?!?! What’s up with that

  44. carol evans:

    i lived in springfield from 1947 – 1976. i lived on west reynolds. across from douglas school. i was in the first class to go to grant jr high and i graduated from springfield high in 1966. i have been trying to remember names of the grocery stores that were in diffrent corners in my area. the only one i cant remember is the one on the corner of west carpenter and rutledge. it was catty corner from metzgers druge store. i hope you can help me thank you carol evans

    • Bob Houston:


    • Gary P:

      Howard’s Grocery was on the northwest corner of Carpenter and Rutledge. Mr Howard was the butcher, Mrs Howard ran the cash register and their two teenage daughters stocked shelves after school. I lived about two blocks north of there from 1947 until I graduated from the last class at Cathedral Boy’s High School in 1959. Haven’t lived in Springfield since then, but get back every few years to visit by brother-in-law.

  45. kim:

    The place was called Babe and Jims. Jim Miller ran it and my grandparents owned it. Is the one you are thinking of?

  46. kim:

    To RK – The name of the restuarant on clear lake and (by pass 66) now called dirksen (before Hardees) was Babe and Jims. Our home was one of the three across from the speedway. Those homes were my grandparents, my uncle’s and ours. When my grandparents ran the place (prior to Babe and Jim Miller) it was called Maple Corners. That land belonged to the Johnstone’s. Thanks for asking about it. It makes me sad to think my front yard is now a parking lot, ah yes progress.

  47. Jack:

    I have vague memories of being with my parents in the basement of Saint Mary’s Cathedral, as they played Bingo back in the 1940’s. The Church was located on the North East Corner of 7th and Monroe where a Municipal Parking Ramp now stands. If memory serves me correctly, it was on this site that the original Cathedral Boy’s High School started prior to their move to 8th and Converse. As everyone knows, Cathedral became Griffin High School about 1959-60. Does anyone have an old photo of Saint Mary’s? Thanks.

  48. Brian Young:

    Love this site the old photos are awsome.
    Would like to see some pix of (The island at Macarthur/South Grand) the Tom Thumb grocery, the barbre shop etc.
    Keep up the great work!

  49. This sight is wonderful and brings back so many memories. Would you happen to have anything on the old Memorial Pool at 9th and Converse across from Sangamo Electric? Many happy summers spent there. Thanks and keep up the good work

    Marcia Ramsey –

    • Jud:

      Oh what good times – this is where I first saw my – would be – husband!!!

    • Herb Piper:

      The Memorial Pool I remember from 50’s, as a boy It didn’t bother me a bit. The bottom was so rough I always went home with cut feet, That was the best pool I ever knew.

  50. I worked out there when Gelder Lockwood owned it and instructor was a State Trooper named Norm Halliday…he told that hangar story all the time. Great place..lots of is now Westchester Subdivision whatever phase they are in.

  51. Terri Spann:

    My grandparents owned a home on Lawrence Street directly across the street from the Theature and next to the church. I have been looking for years for a picture of that house. The address was 100 E Lawrence Street. I am also looking for a picture of the Ideal Drug Store on the corner of Spring and Cook and Hay Edwards Grade School on Lawnrence from the 60-70’s era.

    I love your website by the way – lots of memories here.

  52. shelley:

    Sandy’s resturant…anyone remember it from the 1970’s? It was where the Hardees on west Jefferson is now. I was very young but remember going there with my older sister and hanging out.

    • Al Farmer:

      I remember that Sandee’s and the one on North 9th St. near North Grand, as well. That area where the Sandee’s was is also the first Burger King in Spfld., where I tasted a Whopper for the first time…Al Farmer, Lanphier, Class of ’66

  53. Yo Russ, how about some pics of the Reisch Brewery then and SIU now? I know someone who could hook you up with pics of the brewery…

  54. Giuseppe:

    I remember Sandy’s! Wasn’t there one on…. seems like Peoria Road or 9th? I remember it was like a fast food restaurant like Hardees…

    • Al Farmer:

      There was one on North 9th Street, near North Grand, which became a Hardee’s. It was very close to the Land of Lincoln Bank and Watt’s Drug Store.

  55. Jim Bolinger:

    Hello Russ,

    I add my praise and appreciation for your very professional website that brings back many memories. I second the request for some inside shots of The Orpheum as well as a then and now set for the old Sacred Heart Academy. I was shocked to see on Google Earth what it looks like now compared to how beautiful that site once was. Perhaps someday I could send you some interior shots of The Leland if you are interested in having them.

  56. Janet:

    My great aunt and uncle owned a small grocery store that was at Carpenter and Rutledge. I think it was called Howard’s. Do you have any information on that?

  57. Heidi:

    I’ve lived here over 80 years and this is really a memory lane treat. So many changes, we used to direct people by landmarks. Now they are no longer there. I have a note book of pictures I started when you first came on to share with people who don’t have a computer, but somehow I got away from it but I expect to be on line more often. Keep up your fine work, so people can know what Springfield looked like years ago

  58. Debi:

    I would like to see pic’s of Palmer and Bunn School’s. I attended them many years ago and they have since been torn down. Most people have never heard of them.
    Love the web site!
    Debi S.

    • Marilyn:

      I, too, went to Palmer grade school in the 40’s and early 50’s. I remember especially the huge Christmas trees on each floor and how we would all come together and sit around the tree and sing all the Christmas songs. Mr. Winstrom was the first principal I can remember and then Mr. Frank Koviack. Lots and lots of fun there.

    • Tim:

      I remember Palmer School. I lived right across the street from it in the Hay Homes from ’66 to ’69. Ironically, I was reading the history of the John Hay Homes and some of the memories people had of it growing up. All I remember was crime, violence and social unrest

  59. Todd:

    Would love to see pictures of railroad related buildings: Union Station, C&A Depot, freight houses, etc. Also very interested in various Springfield industries. Thanks.

  60. Lynn Horrighs-Hatcher:

    Old pics of Springfield High would be nice.

  61. I am putting together a video/slide show for my parents’ 60th anniversary and am desperate to find a picture of Sikking’s Co – the appliance store. My dad worked there while going to college and bought my mom’s engagement ring with the money he earned there. I can’t even find an ADDRESS. I remember the sign – can anybody help? Russ? The big day is June 12, 2009 (any pix of Maid-Rite? – they went there on casual dates. Sure miss those steamed buns!)
    Thanks for an amazing site. Wow!

  62. Looking for early photgraphs of Monroe north side at the railroad tracks west towards second.
    Thank you and have a great day. Rick

  63. Does anyone have any information on the old sales barn at 11th and Ridgely. I think it burned down in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s.

  64. Marty Poteet:

    To RK & Kim

    Babe & Jim were my aunt & uncle. I learned to ride a bicycle on the hill behind the restuarant.I can remember a large portrait of my aunt Babe hanging in the place. I also recall going to the races across the street.
    They also ran another establishment down the street. The Park View Club. My mother managed that for them and we lived up stairs from the place, as did they at Babe & Jims.
    We moved to California in the early sixties when I was a young child, and I have lost track of all of my relatives from back then.
    Great site. If anyone has any pictures or memorobilia of either place it would be great to see.You can contact me at
    Please use “Springfield” as the subject.

  65. Mary B:

    Fantastic site — just discovered it today (7/13/09). What I’d love to see: South MacArthur would be great. I know lots of people have asked for T&C Shopping Center (& for me, especially Hobby House Toyland and The Record Room; but also Goldblatts and Kresge’s and Walgreens and Fannie May and Labonte’s). And I’d REALLY love to see photos south of the shopping center. Like, before MacArthur Park apartments was built, when it was Spencer’s Nursery. And even down further on MacArthur, when I was a kid, Mom got her groceries at Tolly’s Market (N.E. corner of MacArthur & Maple). Then, swing on around the old curve and catch Gundy’s Market, the Harness House, Gillituck’s Mobile, West Grand Grade School… I’ll stop now ’cause I’m probably making you dizzy. That’s my old stomping ground. We never thought to take pictures back then — that’s just the way things looked and we figured things would stay that way forever. Oh well…

  66. Debi:

    Ive been asking everyone I know about the 5& dime on north grand. It was in the area of Sams Pizza and the Lincoln Library. I would love to see that store again! Lots of good memories!

  67. Bill:

    A friend used to live in that building on the
    SE corner of 7th and Capital, but I can’t remember what it looked like.

  68. Bill:

    The Bel Arms Hotel between 4th and 5th on Monroe.
    I lived there for a short time in the early 70s and met a few interesting characters there.

  69. … The Mill Restaurant – 15th & Matheny
    … Avenue Food Mart – MacArthur & So Grand
    … Stevie’s Latin Village – No. 9th St
    … Pasoni’s Restaurant & Bar at The Lake
    … The Lake Club – Night CLub
    … Toddle House
    … Jackie Robinson Hamburgers
    … The Den Chili Parlor

  70. … Pixie Pantry
    … Stock Car Racetrack
    … Zesto’s
    … Dew Chili Parlor
    … Georgian Restaurant
    … Southtown Grill
    … Norb Andy’s
    … Pantheon Theater – No. Grand
    … Cardinals AAA Ball Park

  71. Chris Bruce:

    I would like to see all along North Grand!
    great site you have here. Hours of fun!

  72. Ray Quick:

    I sure like this site. I lived in or near Springfield from 1946 until my retirement in 1993. One of my fond memories was working at Southwest Airport as a line boy. I was trying to close the big hanger doors when the tornado hit and blew the top off. It must have been in 1955 or 1856. Brandis brothers (John and Bob ran the airport and the property was owned by Gelder Lockwood who maintained an office there.

  73. Matt Hobrock:

    I was wondering if there are any pictures of the area known as “Cabbage Patch” and/or Fiat Allis, south 11th street through Fox Bridge road. I am very curious about this area; having just moved into it about 2 years ago. My neighbor tells me she has lived on our street her entire life; she’s in her 70s. I am very interested in finding any info. Thank you!

  74. Matt Hobrock:

    I was wondering if anyone has any pictures of a hair salon named “Frills” or Ceramics by Frills. Both of these were my uncle’s businesses, and I would really like to see if any knowledge, history or photos are available. Thanks! – Matt Hobrock

  75. John:

    looking for pictures of the ICY Root Beer stand on Rutledge and North Grand… I worked there through High School

  76. Dave Houston:

    My mother worked at the old Springfield drive-in every summer in the late 50’s-early 60’s. That’s where i spent my summers. Are there ant pictures available of that area? Dirksen & So. Grand, including auto row and the old Knight’s Recreation on So. Grand where Shop & Save is now.

  77. Diane Williams:

    I am part of a group working with Trinity Lutheran School’s 150th Anniversary to be celebrated in 2010. We are looking for historical photos of Trinity Church, school buildings, anything to be used in a pictoral retrospective that we are planning to have on display to the public. Any advice you could give us would be greatly appreciated as well!

    Thanks! Diane Williams

  78. randy feril:

    how about pics from the old pool and reservoir that was located around the lanhphier area. that would be very interesting to see. great site by the way.

  79. Seth Dunas:

    I would love to see pics of the 6th Street area between the old Heritage House, the Fiat-Allis area up to the Bel Aire (before it became what it is). This area has changed dramatically in the last 20-30 years.

    Also how about a section dedicated to all the schools in the city. That would defintely be a trip down memory lane for a lot of us!

    Awesome website Russ, keep up the work!


  80. Jo Howarth Noonan:

    (I posted this on the FB site too – if you saw it there, just ignore. Thanks for creating these sites.)

    Love the photo of the Esquire and wonder if you have about photos of all the downtown movie theaters. I see a photo of The Lincoln (right? Next to the YWCA) every time I see the SHS 1974 yearbook cover, but I’d love to see the others.

    And, while I’m at it – how about the 100’s of small grocery/butchers all over town. I recall four within a five block radius in my neighborhood alone. They each had their own personality and specialty. Mrs. So-and-So hands out lollipops and carries Butternut Bread. Mr. So and So is a grump but he’s the best butcher.

  81. ric major:

    Love the page! Thank you for the memories.
    I would like to see a street shot of Conn’s Cafeteria. Not sure what street it was on, I seem to recall it being Capitol or Monroe…? 70s….

  82. ric major:

    To clarify, a pic of the Senate/Conn’s block from to 60s- 70s, 500 Monroe, before the sign was replaced by an awning….


  83. Linda Harris:

    Does anyone remember the name of the ice skating rink that was on south Fifth Street right by where the old drive-in was? It is driving me crazy? Thanks!

  84. Bill Thompson:

    Who attended SHS in the 60’s and didn’t spend time at that Sandy’s? There was also one downtown just south of the 1st National bank on 5th Street.It’s now called Sammy’s Sports Bar & Grill.

  85. M FitzPatrick:

    Bunn Elementary School.

    There seems to be nothing on the entire internet about Bunn. Kind of surprising, as it would seem to be a historical school, built around 1900. I realize its gone now but I did spend 6 years there.

  86. Tom:

    Would love to see something on Fishman’s Sporting Goods when they were downtown. I recall getting a basketball there when I was a kid in the 60’s, and the proprietor (Joe Fishman?) found one WAY up on a shelf over tons of other miscellaneous sporting goods of every type. Somehow he got it down for me. Your site has rekindled all sorts of memories long forgotten of my days growing up in Springfield.

    • Mike T:

      Got my first hunting rifle at Fishmans.Also were the only place I could find a stencil for the back of my lettermans jacket.”TRADESMEN” St James Trade school class of 62

      • Sandra Barrington:

        My husband Lloyd Barrington was a gun salesman at Fishman Sporting Goods Don’t know if you knew him or not

  87. Dick Binetsch:

    The “old” Springfield High School which was on,I think, West Adams between Washington and Adams. It was torn down in the 50’s and a new IRS was built. Also, MoonLight Gardens skating rink on corner of Wabash and Chatham Road.

  88. Meredith Rhule:

    In 73 and 74, I use to work at The Platter record and stereo store. I once saw a picture here with The Platter. Many people must remember Charlie Salvo yelling, “Hey CARLA!!!,” over the store loudspeaker. Carla Salvo’s head and eyes would always drop, and her face would turn red. I loved them. Is that picture gone, or is it coming back? Thanks! Meredith Rhule

  89. Ronald:

    I would love to see a picture of Lanphier park from 1974 or 1975. I love your website.

  90. Josh:

    How about Land of Lincoln Bank, Watt Bros. Pharmacy, Springfield Drive In (off Dirksen Parkway), Cozy Dog Drive In, Maid Rite, or just about anything located along historic Route 66. Your 2010 calendar is great, I got it for Christmas. Keep up the good work.

  91. Jan:

    I grew up in the northend during the mid 50’s to early 70s. Would love to have pics of Fairview School and that area. All the homes were new when I was growing up and the neighborhoods were great. My mother was in charge of swimming lessons for the Red Cross for many years at Memorial Pool. Would love pics of that too! Sadly I know the north end isn’t what it used to be but it has great memories for me.

    • Al Farmer:

      I am a North End kid as well. I grew up in the John Hay Homes housing project, Moffitt Street (Dad owned Silver Moon Tavern at 16th & Moffitt and we lived upstairs), 14th & Enterprise, 10th & Enterprise. Went to Palmer Grade School (K-4); Immanuel Lutheran school (5-8); Edison Jr. High (9th Grade); graduated from Lanphier in 1966. Worked at the Mill Restaurant, Kroger’s on North Grand. Belonged to Boy’s Club (Jefferson St. & Madison St. by St. John’s); YMCA; Order of De Molay at Scottish Rite Temple on 6th St., off Monroe. Siblings Jennifer, Glenn, and Mary.(all younger than me).

  92. mike roberts:

    Any chance you could find a photo of Roberts Brothers (pre- and post- 70s) by the old state capital?

  93. Funny you should ask, Mike. I just picked out a few old Roberts Bros. photos yesterday at the Sangamon Valley Collection. As soon as they’re scanned, I’ll post them here.

  94. Have you seen any early photos of the Hickox Apartments?

  95. Diane K Seiz-Davis:

    It was called Hudsons.

  96. Diane K Seiz-Davis:

    i would like to see pictures and info on memorial pool at 9th and converse

  97. Joyce Anderson Wheeler:

    Hi, I love this site – great work! Do you have any photos of an old little neighborhood grocery store on North 8th Street on the west side of the street – it was called Maskey’s? Also, any photos of the Dari-Ette that was at 9th and Sangamon next to the Sky Rocket tavern? What about pictures of the Dairy which was at 8th and Black? This is so neat!!!!!

    • E. Smith:

      I loved Maskey’s . I went to Ridgely School and would spent my lunch money on gooey butter cake. My dad had a charge account with Maskey’s , he worked in construction and that got us through the winter when he didn’t work.. Working or not he would go by EVERY Saturday and pay them something.

  98. Mrs. Lewis:

    Do you have any photos of 2501 South 11th Street, Harvard Park Elementary School?

  99. Great site and I enjoy the way you have overlaid old/new images.

    I left Springfield when I was eight but visited relatives there many times over the past years and can relate more to streets, relative to where I was staying.

    Have you looked into the possibility of having a Springfield map and then the image markers link to the map. You could bring up the map and then click on the image marker to display the same images by location. Apologies if this has been suggested many times before.

    This would be in addition to the way you currently present the images. I see a lot of questions or responses based on locations and this feature may help other navigate their stroll back in time.

  100. Nancy Flint:

    I wanted to order a calendar for me and send one to my brother, but PayPal won’t let the second address go thru. Can you help me thru this?
    Thanks ————-LOVE THE SITE!

  101. Nancy Flint:

    Did I see the Orpheum Theater anywhere?? ‘would LOVE to!

  102. Sherry Johnson:

    I would like to see pics of the front on Myers Bros. I would also like to see a pic of the Taft Drive In Dairy that was out on Cook Street.

  103. Sherry Johnson:

    I wonder if you can find pics of the F4 tornado that hit Springfield in 1957 in the Wabash-MacArthur Blvd. area. I lived in the trailer park there at Dead Man’s Curve. Again thanks. This site is great.

  104. Good post. Thank you for sharing through this blog.

  105. Don:

    Would like to see pics of old Springfield neighborhood grocery stores such as Miller’s Market on West Jefferson St., Union Market (Rutledge and Mason Sts.) Lorton’s Grocery (On West Carpenter near Walnut), Tolly’s Grocery Store (Walnut and Jefferson). Also pictures of Douglas School (444 West Reynolds). Thanks!

  106. jeff javid:

    Great site!
    Any rewinds of Springfield Art Association (old Edwards Place)? 700 N Fourth.
    Best, Jeff

  107. Bob:


    I lived in Springfield 1955-74 and I am currently building a blog called My Springfield, Illinois

    My question is: are your photos public domain? Who do I ask to use a few of these fantastic photos on my non profit blog just for illustrative purposes (just to get my readers to recall certain places and therefore their memories to share on the blog)

    I love your site and would do nothing to violate the copyright laws. Let me know if you can. Thanks, Bob

  108. Scott:

    I just found out about this fantastic site! I really enjoyed looking through your photos; incredible job.

    Some things I’d love to see that haven’t been featured yet:
    Washington Park (especially the old trolley stop on South Grand between Lincoln and Park)
    Springfield High School
    Grant Middle School (they added those ugly metal panels when I was there in the late 80s)
    The Governor’s mansion
    Fairhills Mall (back when it had an enclosed part)

    Keep up the great work!

  109. Bud:

    I too would like to see Bunn School. I also went there for 6 years, mid to late 50’s. Had Mr. Lanterman for 5th & 6th grade.

  110. Janet:

    Howard’s Market was the name of the gorcery store on Carpenter and Rutledge. My great Aunt Ann Howard was the owner. Back then we did not have a car and we would call our order in by phone and they would deliver our groceries to us.

  111. I’m looking for anything on the Mainliner bar and resturant on Washington Street in Springfield, il. back in the late forties and early fifties. It was owned by Robert Bianchi and William Cellini. Robert was my Grandfather.

  112. deryl:

    i worked at dennys 84-89,bil bole, janet hayes was managers

  113. Stephen Parfitt:

    I’d love to see rewinds of Stevenson drive / 6th streets… the corner where McDonalds is now used to be a plant nursery, the area where Cozy Dog is now used to have the original ‘apple orchard’ house/farm, the original Cozy Dog, Dairy Queen, etc. The area of Lake Victoria, IGA / Danes Discount, Strike n Spare, Coast to Coast / True Value would be interesting too.

  114. Nancy:

    Your site is wonderful. So much effort; very impressive and a great trip down memory lane. I would love to see a photo of Stuart School at 7th & South Grand. I recall a large public swimming pool and I believe it was mentioned in a post above, that it was off 9th Street. Is the Strike & Spare still there? Would love an old photo of the A&P which was also at 7th & So Grand and the Steak n Shake across the street. Is there a photo of Ben Franklin Jr High when it first opened? Again, thanks for your hard work with this amazing site.

  115. Sue Harkins Elmore:

    What a blast from the past….looking at all these old photos and reading comments from others, which just triggers more memories of other places. As a native of Springfield (born there, in the first wave of baby boomers, but left in 1967) can’t get enough of it. My parents, gr’parents, aunts/uncles, and my husband’s family also were all from Springfield. So many of the photos & names of businesses remind me of their reminiscences. Luv it!! Great job.

  116. Nancy Tinsley Frazier:

    This is such a blast! Just got it from my old neighbor from 2nd grade who’s still a friend. I’ve alerted my older brothers who could surely add some facts. We moved to Springfield from Ashland in 1955 and some of us still live there. A GREAT place to grow up.

    Places that should be included (if possible) that would bring back memories to many:
    Westenberger’s (6th St downtown)
    Pease’s (still at Ash@State St)
    Don’s Drive-In (Macarthur @ Cherry Rd)

  117. Rose Marie:

    Help…I need to know if anyone remembers a Buffet restaurant that was located on Stevenson around 1970 – 1980? It was on the north side by where Victoria Falls was located. The buffet was in a circle that turned. I always felt like we were cattle waiting in line to eat ! If someone has a name I would greatly appreciate it.

  118. Elaine:

    I love this site… but for different reasons that many other “fans” do. I’m not “from here” but moved here 5 years ago. However, I enjoy seeing what the places I am familiar with used to look like; plus, it helps me understand what long-time residents are talking about when they refer to certain landmarks.

    I personally would like to see a picture of an old Howard Johnson’s Motor Lodge on Stevenson Drive. That’s where my parents and I stayed in 1975 when we visited Springfield for the first time. I don’t know the exact address and I wonder what’s there now.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  119. This site is awesome! Does anyone remember, let alone have pics, of the skating rink that was on the west side of 4th St., across from the car lot (Guiffre Buick?) that was behind the YWCA? Car lot was on corner of 4th & Edwards – skating rink was also teen club in the front, rink was small, oval, and had a slight incline & was in the rear. Used to go there back in early ’60’s. Also, don’t know if I’m crazy, but I also seem to remember a roller rink somewhere around the Levee??

    Thanks for the wonderful memories! Keep it up.

  120. Amy Lambert:

    The Shack!

  121. george:

    Do you have and pictures of a gas station with a cab company named Checkered Cab on 4th and Madison around the 1930 – 1940 area, Thank you

  122. David:

    Do you have any photos of a cab co. at 4th & Madison around 1940-1970 era, Thank You.

  123. Regina:

    The restaurant was called Duff’s Smorgasbord

  124. Regina:

    That was an answer for Rose Marie regarding the restaurant on Stevenson.

  125. Mike:

    Was it Duff’s smorgasbord?

  126. Jeff Kornfeld:

    Hey Russ, I love your site. I hope I didn’t get carried away this morning with my entries. I got up to early to celebrate the rapid aging process and went down memory lane. Spent most of the first 20 yrs of my life downtown thanks to my grandparents who owned the Grand Hotel. Anyway thinking back to some old downtown haunts. Anyone remember Sangamon County Dry goods?Interior pictures of the Sazerac? The Roxy Theater and the Lincoln Theater? Here’s a good one. Anyone have any pictures of The Aloha?! The Lake Club?

  127. Mike Unthank:

    Any plans to do various neighborhoods.I would love to see some of the north side near Oak Ridge, Lanphier High, etc

  128. Mike Unthank:

    Isn’t that also the same vicinity as Metzkers Drugs. Hey that brings up another spot, Watss Brothers Pharmacy at 9th & North Grand. I’ll never forget the old walk in phone booth they had.

  129. Francine:

    Oh such sweet memories!

    Thanks for sharing – you made my day. I grew up in Springfield and have been gone for a longggg time now, but I still love my hometown.


  130. Stevie’s Latn Village ten changed into The China Inn. My Mom & I worked there. She also worked for Stevie Kirfacci.

  131. Gary Gorsich:

    I would liike to know more about my area. Sangamon Avenue. I recently found out my home was built in 1894. I am at 2841 Sangamon Ave. The corner of Sangamon and peerless mine road.

  132. Adalma:

    This is a wonderful resource. Thank you. Do you photos of Marine, 1st National, and I think the other was Springfield Bank, all of which were downtown Springfield?

  133. Sharon:

    I don’t have a picture of the Lake Club, but I have a menu with Julius LaRosa’s autograph on the front of it.

  134. I was born and raised in the 200 block of North Fifth Street bounded by Madison Street on the north and Jefferson Street on the south from the early 1940’s thru the early 70’s. I also lived on the 400 block of East Jefferson which was bounded by 4th street on the west and 5th street on the east. I would like to see some photos of the 200 block on North Street both the east and west sides of the street and also the 400 block of East Jefferson Street, both the north and south sides of the street. My whole family lived and worked in this area for many years and my mother and step father had at least four businesses in this area for a number of years.

    • KimW:

      I have been trying to get information about a diner that I believe used to be in the area you grew up – in the 60’s my grandmother used to take us there for lunch when she did her egg route. I think it was called the Blue Nook. Do you have any memories of it?

  135. Barbara Wyeth:

    In response to Carol who was asking about the grocery store on the corner of West Carpenter and Rutledge, it was Howard’s Grocery. I grew up on West Carpenter and hung out at Metzger’s. Shirley White owned Metzger’s kitty corner from the grocery store (where we shopped ’til it closed) and my brothers and I were friends with Chrissy and Tony White. Their Grandmother was a Reisch and we used to ride our bikes around the brewery, just down Rutledge.

  136. Barbara Wyeth:

    And how about Harm’s Market? On 2nd Street, I think, past The Bar on the corner and the barber (on West Carpenter and 2nd Street). I would go with my dad and get my bangs trimmed at the barber shop. There was a walkway between the tavern and the barber shop…the barber would go over there and call out his next customer who was having a beer…Any help with the names of the Tavern and the barber shop? I think Norman Beisch (?) took over the barber shop. Once our parakeet escaped and my older brother rescued him from Norman Beisch’s cherry tree…

    • Gary P:

      The tavern was Miller’s tavern, and I think the barber’s name was Al Stengel. Had my hair cut there from about 1948 until 1959.

      • Barbara Wyeth:

        Thank you Gary! It WAS Al’s…very little left in that neighborhood. We lived on Carpenter Street ’till I was in 8th grade…

  137. I have a friend that would like to know the name of the resturant that was next door to the Avenue Foods on South Grand back in the 30’s. She ate there for her high school graduation. She has asked several people but no one can remember. If anyone could help I know she would appreciate it. She is 92 years young. Thanks for your help. I love the interesting articles on this web-site and remember so many. Expecially the North Grand places.

  138. Dave Kennedy:

    Great site and thank you for your wonderful work. A possible subject would be all four Watt Bros. Pharmacy stores. My neighborhood store was 5th & Laurel; others were 11th & Ash, So. Grand & Pasfield, and I believe 8th and No. Grand. All 4 sites were popular neighborhood gathering spots with real soda fountains and soda jerks to boot!

    • Mike T:

      One of the Watt Bros pharmacys was at 9th & North grand.We lived in Grandview area as a kid & parents got most of my brother & I perscriptions there.Also when my kids were growing up we got there R/Xs from them.They would deliver too if you needed it right away.One of the kids I went to school(St Cabrini) with went to college for a druggist & worked there.Was a nice place & they would run a tab if you were short on money

  139. Barbara Wyeth:

    I’m replying to my own question – Charlie Miller’s Tavern?

  140. Barbara Wyeth:

    Marcia, My brothers and I went to the dentist, Dr Gerster on North Grand Ave. Mom bought us clothes at Adalof’s (not at all sure of the spelling)and since we were and are all near-sighted, we went to optometrist Dr Gard. We rarely went out to eat but I do remember the roast beef sandwiches at the North Side Restaurant. These were all on North Grand Avenue. My dad was plant engineer at Sangamo Electric and we lived on West Carpenter, went to St Joseph’s and the SS Peter and Paul, so it makes sense that we utilized North Grand. There was a hardware store on that strip, too. Noonan’s?
    Loving this site.

  141. Barbara Wyeth:

    Janet, we lived just half a block down and shopped at Howard’s until we moved to Leland Grove… actually Mr. Howard delivered to us for a while I think before he retired. Some of my very earliest memories are of that store, the soft worn wood floors, the candy behind the front counter, and Mr. Howard in back at the meat counter. Metzger’s on the other corner, the brewery down Rutledge, Diller’s “Private Property” on West Carpenter and Walnut, and the alleys (!) – it was a wonderful to be a kid in that neighborhood!

    • Janet:

      To Barbara Wyeth: Thanks for replying. My mom just attended a anniversary party for Joann Howard (her first cousin, the daughter of the Howard’s grocery owner) here in Springfield. I can still remember the store too. I am also related by marriage to the Dillard’s who owned “Dillard’s mansion” that you remember. We also used Metzger drugstore for all of our medicines. We did not have a car so they delivered and we had an account there! What a wonderful neighborhood that was!

      • Sharon R:

        Janet – your mention of Dillard’s mansion caught my eye – I have been trying to find information about it (and hopefully a picture as well) for several years. I grew up on Reynolds Street in the 50s, a little west of Rutledge. Went to Douglas Grade School. And several of us kids from that neighborhood have looked for information and/or pictures of Dillard’s mansion. All I get is something about Dillard’s department stores. We were at Metzger’s all the time, also “Jake’s”, 2 blocks to the south on Rutledge and Mason. Now the Dillard’s block is a rehab facility. I was gone from Springfield by then, so I don’t know how that happened. Anything you could tell me would be appreciated. Also remember hearing that Dillard’s used to be a stop on the underground railway – always wondered if that’ was true or not. Thanks for any info.

  142. Barbara Brunk Harris:

    Scared Heart Academy before the big remodle. Graduate from there in 1963

  143. Barbara Brunk Harris:

    I lived a bit further north, but remember that neighborhood since my grandmother lived on Rutledge. Her house is actually still there.

  144. Barbara Brunk Harris:

    So since we graduated at the same time from SH we must have been in the early grades of St. Joe’s together, because I graduated from there. Who knew, we would end up in high school together.

  145. Judith Black:

    Just wanted congratulate you on a great photo project. If you come across any photos of the Reisch Brewery in the early 1900s, that would be very interesting. Here is a link to a site that has the history of the place.
    There are a few old photos on that site.

    • Rick Taylor:

      MS Black-

      Good pics- As a long lost Springfield/Lanphier grad I like these kind of PICS. I left Springfield years ago but still enjoy going back.
      I remember Reisch – Tasted a bit like very sour milk! But I enjoyed then!

  146. Would like to see more pictures of the north end (theaters, restaurants, Illinois Watch Co., fair grounds, etc.). Great site. Brings back a lot of memories. Keep it going.

  147. Ann Hembreiker Funck (no "e" & no middle name -- just 2 goofy last ones.:

    I am interested in the Dew Chili Parlor and the Den Chili Parlors of Spfld. in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. There is only the one chili place in Spfld. now, as you know. It claims to be related to the old one(s).
    The Chgo. Daily News proclaimed Spfld. to be the Chili Capital years ago.
    Chili is my comfort food: no grn. peppers, no onion, no nonsense — plenty of cumin. Hormel is the only brand that is like the Spfld. kind. But of course not with the orange grease on top — that grease is illegal now. Delish!
    Thanks for your efforts!

    • Sharon R:

      Have you tried Chili Man chili? So far, that’s the only chili that reminds me of Springfield. Up here in the Chicago suburbs, good chili is hard to find. When I was young, we always went to The Dew — by the way, was in Springfield a short while ago and was heading toward South Grand on 5th – and there was the Dew Chili Parlor – in the same building in was in years ago on 5th. Unfortunately, I was on my way somewhere and couldn’t stop and didn’t make it back there before coming home.

      If you can find it around you, give it a try.

    • Judie Cannon:

      to Ann Heimbrecker
      My Dad and Mom had the Dew Chili Parlor In the 30’s to 40’s. not sure exactly when. Mom made the Chili. Had a picture of Dad working there but can’t locate it.
      From J.Cannon

  148. Sue Harkins Elmore:

    Dave, thanks for reminding me of the name of those drugstores. I have been trying to recall what it was. My brother, Mike Harkins, was a soda jerk at the one at 5th and Laurel. It was his first job – probably during the mid-50’s

  149. M Nation:

    Gabby’s TopBoy , I used to work there with all three of my brothers. Also Ron Spencer, Bob Fay, Sue Lex and I believe Bob Lex (late 60’s, early 70’s)

  150. M Nation:

    Noonan’s is still at 8th and North Grand. The Sangamo building is now housing some Department of the State of Illinois. Pease’s Candy I believe now has 5 stores. Wondering if anyone can find old pictures of the area that Southeast High School is at. Would love to see old /new pics of the Airport.

  151. Jim Casson:

    Hello, I love this wonderful website – seeing all these old landmarks (Then and Now) photos. Just wonderful!!!

    I’d like to know if you or anyone would have old photographs of the current Hay-Edwards School building. And also any old photos of the former Hay School built in 1887 and the former Edwards School (Third Ward School) built in 1856, formerly located on the corner of Spring & Edwards Streets. I would very much like to find photographs of those old school buildings and the current Hay-Edwards structure, now a State Office Building.

    A friend and I are organizing a reunion for Hay-Edwards Deaf/HoH “Special Ed” students/teachers this summer. Hope someone out there can help!! Sangamon Valley Collection may have those but wanted to “shout out” here on Springfield Rewind.

    Thanks!! Sincerely, Jim Casson

  152. Hi Jim,

    I do have a few of Hay-Edwards. In fact, a shot of the school from 1910 made this year’s calendar. I’ll email you a shot of what that looks like.

  153. Dear Matt, March 12, 2011 I also lived forever on the south side. The original name of your sub-division is Mildred Belmont Park Gardens. It became Cabbage Patch because of the inflatulance or influx of all of us ethnicity, We are called bohunks or bohemian-Hungarians after a european region that has not existed for many hundreds years. I attended Concordia Lutheran Private school until they left the neighborhood for the more prestiguise Lake area then was turn out to Staley public school on cottonwood St. On to Thomas Jefferson Jr. hgh and I should have attended Feighians High school but it was closed and we were directed to South East High. I probably know your neighbor as I was named after Lynn St. the short St. at the end of Woodward to the south and am older than dirt. This is a blast from the past as I just found Russ’ site and am over the moon about it. Cool Beans & of course cabbage!

  154. Dear Russ, Happy to hear you are writing a book. I hope it is about Springfield. Cant Wait. Your site is wonderful, I haven’t been home for a couple years. I live ten hours away and am Jonesing to be in springfield in the spring. Hey Russ, How about the dark side of Springding, The old railroad round House on Walbash Ave, the tavern called Penny Lane where there was liquor in the front, poker in the rear and lay me down and do me elsewhere.

  155. jan S:

    Pantheon Theatre? I found 15 old tickets to the Panteon Theatre. Where was it located? Where On North Grand? When did it close?

    • Rick Taylor:

      HI, The Pantheon was betwee N 9th st and N 8th st on the North side of North Grand. It was next to Coutracons ( Couts) and Noonans Hardware. Couts was a great hangout for we Lanphier people.
      That area is no longer ” nice”

      Rick Taylor

  156. Russ- Let me be one of the first to welcome you back online. I really enjoy your work. Do you have any photos of Sangamon Center?

  157. Russ:

    Thanks, Andrew. You would think there would be plenty of old photos of Sangamon Center, but I haven’t found much. I’ll see if I can track down something this week.

    • Cool. I remember spending time at my grandma’s house on 19th and I can’t remember if it was a Famous-Barr or a Bergner’s. I also spent a lot of time in the old book store there. Dang my memory stinks. LOL

      • Bonnie:

        I think Bergners was at Sangamon Center.

        • Mikki:

          Yes it was a Bergners, where Schnucks now located. I remember they had the talking Christmas Tree there- scared me to death!
          The bookstore was Book Emporium, which had 2 different locations in Sangamon Center. Orginally next to Bergners then in a newer addition behind what was Burger King (Burger Chef) which is now Marine Bank.

          So yes Russ if you can find an old picture of Sangamon Center North, it would appreciated.

  158. Here’s another one out of left field. How about the Broadview Motor Court. I would love to see how the corner there on Dirksen and Sangamon compares to the past. If you look, there’s still at least one of the old buildings from the motor court buried in weeds just west from where they have that weekend flea market. I’m sure I’ll come up with more.

  159. I thought of another. Papa Joe’s Pizza. There were three in town. One was at Washington and Chatham across from Fairhills Mall, one was Wabash and Chatham across from Chatham Square Shopping Center and one was at West Lake and Stevenson where the gas station is now. It’s kind of a personal thing for me. My dad, Joe Trello was Papa Joe. It was before my time, and I’ve NEVER actually seen one of his restaurants, so it would be awesome if you had one. Ok, I’ll stop pestering you now. LOL! Keep up the awesome work!

  160. jen:

    I would love to see old pics of the campgrounds arpund lake spfld

  161. Rick Chambers:

    Looking for old Bakery In Springfeild Illinois on the Street called Laurel St. Between College & Spring. Was a Bakery that had the best Butter Cake. About 1954-1956 when last there, and would sure like to find the name of that Bakery. As my Mother and Sister are also trying to recall that Bakery, as we lived there till I was 12.
    So if any info would be much appreciated and welcomed by us.

  162. Rebecca Nunn:

    I was wondering if you have any photos of the S.S. Peter and Paul Church.

  163. Laura R:

    What a cool site! I would like to see the Bunn Buildings on Adams between 9th and 10th street – on the north side of Adams.

    Also, Sandy’s Fast Food Restaurant on MLKing Dr & South Grand (where Hardees was). I remember going there with my parents.

    Also, some of the old Lake Clubs and theatres. South Town (11th & South grand would be cool!)

    MacArthur’s stores too! DRIVE-IN’s – Springfield and the 66 Drive in!

  164. Dennis Handley:

    I would like to see a picture of the northwest corner of 5th and Monroe across from Kay’s Jewelers around the late 50s to mid-60s. I am curious what store was on that corner. I seem to remember there was a restaurant in back of the store with the old little silver jukebox selectors at each table. I also vaguely recall a wooden news stand out front, on Monroe street, with a wooden indian next to it.

  165. Judith Rake:

    What was the name of the men’s clothing store on Siut Fifth Street in the 80’s?

  166. David Frank:

    Great site! I’d love to see shots of Capital City Shopping Center around the time it was first built, any shots of the Wabash corridor post 1960s, pics of the Town and Country shopping center, Stevenson Drive (any period, any shots of the area east of Taylor Ave. would be cool too). Thank you so much!

  167. Bonnie:

    I’d like to see pictures of The Shack on 5th, just south of South Grand from the late 60’s/early 70’s, Moonlight Gardens roller skating rink on the corner of Wabash and Chatham Rd. where Shop N Save is now; Knight’s miniature golf on Wabash just east of Chatham Road, and the original McDonald’s on south 6th St.

  168. Cyndy:

    The AETNA Hotel which was just up from the train depot and next to the SOHO restaurant. Long gone now. My grandparents ran it.

  169. Will O. Humphrey II:

    Excellent Site, I have appreciated all your photos! Being a former resident of Springfield and my family history there, I enjoy so much the archival photos and books put out by people like yourself.

    Is there any photos of S. Seventh and Lawrence? My families home sat there, the home of J Otis Humphrey (the Judge). He is my Great Great Grandfather.

  170. Mike T:

    Remember them all but have no pictures

  171. Kim:

    I can’t remember the name of the bar at the corner of chatham road and wabash…it’s where the hockey players used to hang out…in the 1970’s

  172. I have tried to email you twice from the “Contact” section of this website but for some reason it’s not working. It says “Fatal Error”. So I thought I’d send you my question in this comment section. Hope you get it. You can email me at in return. Thank you!
    Hello!! Want to say I really enjoy looking at your pictures. I’m not originally from Springfield. I’ve only lived here 16 years, but really enjoy looking at the history here.
    My mom lived in Springfield for 1 year in the 50’s. She has alzheimer’s now and talks a lot about the past. So I asked her what she remembered from Springfield. She told me she bought her wedding dress here from Rollands. I thought it would be cool to get her a picture of it for Christmas. I’ve found 2 pictures on your site….one from 65 and one (closer) from the 70’s. How would I go about getting prints for these? How much would they cost?
    Thank you!!

  173. Rick Lawrence:

    Searching for any early photos of 520 and 516-518 East Monroe which would be between 5th and 6th street on the south side of the streeet. Thank you. Rick

  174. Tom Gillespie:

    How about the great old steak houses? Babe & Jim’s, SoHo, The Mill, The Lake Club, etc.Great site!

  175. Gary P:


    I’ve been enjoying your site ever since someome told me about it a couple of years ago. I would like to see a picture of a place I lived for a couple of years following WWII. It was a three story stone apartment building on the north side of Capitol Ave between 2nd St and the railroad overpass (which would have been 3rd St). Don’t remember the exact address, but I think it was 227 or 229 E Capitol Ave. The structure was probably torn down sometime during the ’60s or ’70s.
    I know that this is a tough request to fill, but I would really like to see a picture of it.


  176. where was hills and wells dept stores

  177. Phil Snow:

    Hi, Russ

    Do you happen to know what the block where the current Pepsi plant on Cook Street looked like?


    P.S. Keep up the good work on Trivia Nights!

  178. Brad Homes:

    I would like to find anyone who has photos or negatives I could see or buy from the southside / Southern View area, especially of Allis Chalmers, Burger Chef (Spirit Stop) , Detomic gas station, Davis & Turley, Burns Oil, Lindleys Floral, the old concrete pipe company, the railroad tracks still across 5th and 6th streets by Lindleys, Holiday Inn , 66 Drive Inn , just this whole area as it was between the 50’s and ’73ish. Thanks for the pics already here !

  179. Barbara Wyeth:

    Russ, I have sent several prints of photos I’ve taken in Springfield over the years when visiting – they are at the Sangamon Valley Archives (?) at Lincoln Library. I’d be thrilled if you were able to use them. I really enjoy this site.

  180. Bobby:

    The good ole 50’s, back then I was a car hop at Don’s Sangamon Dairy Drive In and also another time I was an usher at the Orpheum theater, hated to see both of those places go, a lot of memories though.

  181. rich:



  182. mark obrien:

    I would like some photos and information on Poston Brick Yards the closed in the 70s.

    i recall they were on the far east side, in south grand or laurel area.

    • E. Smith:

      I don’t have any pictures of Poston Brick Yards but my dad worked there. I have a picture of him and others at Garwoods. I’m not sure what it was but I remember the name.

  183. Travis Kline:

    I was trying to locate some old pictures of my dads and uncle gas station name was klines texaco on Clearlake ave here in Springfield Illinois

  184. Bob G:

    I’d like to see some pictures from Drag City, The old Drag Strip was located 2 miles east of Springfield off of Rt.29
    It ran from 1961 to 1972

  185. Steve Luttrell:

    I would love to see an old picture of South Grand and MacArthur (or West Grand as it was called before Truman fired the general). The intersection had a strange little triangular block in MacArthur to the south of the intersection.

  186. Rick Taylor:

    Anyone out there remember a Kirby Wheeler for the Late 50″s ? Went to Catheral boys high school. If does anyone know whereabouts?
    Rick Taylor

  187. Craig:

    Kim – that was Tavine’s Tavern -owner was Pat Tavine?) at Chatham and Wabash

  188. Eileen M. Inness:

    Wonderful sight! You are a genius! Black Angus Steak House on 6th, Velvet Freeze on W.Ash before it was Baskin Robbins and then torn down to make way for a bank, downtown department stores ( when there were some) Bressmers, Roland’s, something that started with a d all on 6th street. Sacred Heart Academy pre 1980. Did you publish a book? I would love to buy it. Please let us know where and how to purchase.

  189. Larry T.:

    How about Toronto Road area? The remants of Stuckeys are still out there, and the Hen House remains. However, in the 70’s I recall one of the restaurants out there had a giant coffee pot sitting on a drive-up awning or something. I am not sure exactly where it sat or what it was called, but it was one of those childhood landmarks for me. Of course, that area was WAY out there back then.

  190. Mike:

    Any pics of the old drive-in that used to be straight across Dirksen from JC Penneys? I think it was called the Springfield Drive in, closed well over 30 years now, but easily still visible in aerial photos. Also the original 66 Drive-In…on South 6th, where that health club is now.

    • Bonnie:

      I am looking at an aerial photo of where that drive-in was, and I can’t see anything. And I want to see it. I’ve often wondered about that drive-in and would love also to see a picture.

  191. Pat G:

    We are looking for a photo of either V.O. Peabody’s restaurant before it went out of business on 1/27/84. It is on Bruns lane and became Alexander’s steak house. Our wedding reception was there.

    Or, does someone have a picture of The Rose Restaurant which was also open on that day.

  192. Dave Lawson:

    Great site – Thank you – Would like to see a photo of the old Southaire restuarant at 3045 Clearlake in the 1970’s. Now the Cheasapeake..

  193. LincolnLounger:

    Not looking for a picture, but I always wondered what happened to Pepe Guiseppe’s that was in the Vinegar Hill Mall. I worked at the Centennial Building (then), and it was HUGELY popular, and everyone loved their patio and food — especially the chps and salsa. When I returned to Spfld. many years later, it was long gone. Just wondered if anybody knew. Thanks for the memories.

  194. Russ, my brother and I are recalling South Grand between State and MacArthur and having a dispute about the locations of two grocery stores, the Tom Thumb Market on the “island” at the corner of MacArthur and South Grand, and the Avenue Food Shop (or Mart) that was next to the Sugar Bowl, at State and South Grand. He contends that they are one and the same, and I recall them as different stores, with different owners. I have a picture of the Tom Thumb and its staff on my web site for the SHS Class of 1958: If you have any pictures of that block face, showing the AVS, we’d be grateful. Or I would, because he would owe me a beer! –Will

  195. Michael Downtain:

    Does anyone have a photo of Doctor Samuel Magill’s office at ( I believe it was the corner of 5th and Cook streets).? There is an AT&T computer station on the site now (been a while could be something else there now).

  196. Julia Reeves:

    Does anybody have the paper that was discussing about Hay Edwards closing that had the three girls skipping in front of it. I am in desperate need of that.

  197. Kim Hall:

    How about The Milk Bar and A& W Root beer on South MacArthur near Cherry Road?

  198. Hi there, I’m looking for pictures of Monroe Street between 3rd and 4th, specifically Richards & Stehman Rubber Stamps (317 E. Monroe). It opened in 1954, and since buying the business in 2005, I’ve been trying to find old photos of the block/area/store, and having little luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I was just alerted to this site, and it is great! Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  199. William Carlile:

    I am looking for pictures ofSt Agnes Grade School and Church at 307 West Capital.

  200. Mike Jones:

    I’m looking for any photo’s of Fairhills Mall before it was messed up in a feeble attempt to modernize it.

  201. Vicki Lynne:

    My grandpa Ernie Williams was a proprietor of a bus stop cafe in Springfield during the 50s-60s. My estranged family might have pictures, but I have no access to them. I have memories and dreams about a place with high windows and I have finally realized it was their kitchen at the cafe. I would love to know if anyone remembers going there; and I am trying to find out if it was a “whites only” cafe. I never knew him to be racist, and I think he employed blacks, but I would love to know more.
    Thank you from a die-hard equality guru!

  202. Meagan Brinkley:

    I was wondering if you could find, get other info not just picture.. My grandpa is Willard D McClanahan. I think there may be some things in the news papers in the 1960s, in and surrounding Springfield illinois.

  203. What was the name of the store that sold TVs in the 1980’s in the Yard Shopping Center?

  204. Mike Jones:

    Does anyone have good pictures of Fairhills Mall during the 70’s? I can’t seem to find any even ar the Library. It was a great place to hang out back then. Lots of fond memories.

  205. Al Farmer:

    Does anyone remember Steinberg & Baum’s, 9th Street and either Cook or South Grand? Later became state lottery headquarters.

    I was born and raised in North End (Hay Homes, Moffatt Street, Enterprise Street); left there in 1967 for military and live in Duluth, Minnesota.

    S&B was the very first ‘big-box’ discount store of any kind I ever remember. It was bigger than KMart downtown, for sure.

  206. Cathi Holt:

    I was born in Springfield Ohio in 1966. but moved away a year later, returning throughout the years. My father use to work at a liquor store ( around 1970 era) and I was wondering if u had any pictures or know the name of it. I believe it was in a Plaza. I keep recalling a name Big Bear, but cant picture it. I am trying to find my family after all these years, His name was Charles Taylor and he passed away in 1982.

  207. Steve Buecker:

    Moonlight Garden–year it closed and who owned it?

  208. Sharon R:

    Just found out about this site today. I started out trying to read all the requests/comments, but there are alot. So if this has already been asked and answered, I apologize. I grew up on Reynolds Street, went to Douglas Grade School, Reynolds & Walnut, in the late 50s. I would love to see a picture of what us kids in the neighborhood called Dillard’s Mansion – I moved away in ’73 and later when I tried to go by there, it’s now a rehab facility. We used to try to sneak onto the property when I was a kid – we all loved that place. It covered a square block from Walnut, Carpenter, Mason & I don’t know the east side street – a little grocery store was on the corner across from it. Thanks for any information anyone has.

  209. Karla Warsaw:

    Does anyone have any pics/info on a carnival/play land that used to be on South Dirksen Parkway? My late father’s property (2554 South Dirksen) has some of the original concrete foundations, a few remnants of carnival train tracks, the cement structure of a very old restroom (no plumbing remains). Just curious about the history of the property. Thanks!!

  210. Daniel Williams:

    Hello, I have just discovered your website and I find it interesting. Thanks so much. I am looking for some history of an odd object. My father was recently the object of an article published in the SJ-R/Dave Bakke.

    What we are looking for is a building that incorporated a set of concrete tires within the structure, possibly in the 20’s or the 30’s. As the story goes the building was located where the Horas/Mann building is now. I’ve searched your website, but the only thing I have found is a Ford dealership. Any help would be appreciated.

    Daniel Williams

  211. Bea Jay Kendall:

    Does anyone have any old pictures of the Ponderosa Tavern it was at the corner of Dirksen and Clearlake and owned by George Henderson they called him “Boob”. It was there in the early 70’s I know. My mom used to cook the fried chicken there.

  212. Deb Dickson:

    Wondering if there are any pictures out there of the Hinman Dairy in Springfield, IL. My Dad passed away this year, he was 93, he worked for his Uncle at the Hinman Dairy. Can’t seem to find any info on it, but I know it exists as I have a milk bottle & cap from the dairy.

  213. Karen Murphy:

    1name of the restaurant at the corner of stevenson and dirksen. Before dennys

  214. Can anyone send me a photo or 2 and a story and old menu from Top’s Big Boy Restaurant in the 60’s? I am now an old retired Big Boy Restaurants employee and live in MS. Mark Gelhaar 608 N. 7th Street Lumberton, MS 39455 All comments images letters welcome!

  215. Robert Stowe:

    Any information on the production of a 2015 calendar? Hope there will be one. I look forward to every calendar you have printed. (Resident of Springfield from 1950-1956. Consider it my home town, even though I was born in Litchfield.)

  216. Lydia:

    Also looking for a 2015 Calendar. Such a wonderful gift for the hard to buy for guys in my life.

  217. Vicki G:

    Grew up in 2700 block of South Walnut in Springfield where the boulevards are. There was a little corner grocery or market about a block away. Was wondering if you knew the name and have a photo? Been racking my brain for years trying to remember the name! I used to run there from my house at the age of 5 and fell on their concrete steps many times and have the scar to prove it! lol Thanks

  218. Sharon R.:

    Would like to know original stores and locations in the Town & Country shopping center.

  219. Pamela Skaggs-Stark:

    Does anybody have any pictures of a Chucks Conoco Gas Station? This was located off of Ash either on 9th, 10th, or 10 1/2 street in Springfield Illinois in the 50s or 60s. This was my fathers station. Charles Skaggs.
    My family grew up in the Hay Homes, then East Carpenter then South First. Went to Palmer School, St. Peter and Pauls, The Cathedral and Springfield High School.
    I worked at the old Walgreens Restaurant on MacArthur with my Aunt Mary Skaggs Miller.
    I worked at the Red Barn Restaurant on South Grand and 2nd.
    It was across from the Old Sears Building. Arbys was next door to the left and Mumerts Drug Store on the other side. Kroger across the street. Gerber Drug Store was down farther east on South Grand not to far from the library. Springfield is not want it use to be.

  220. Looking for the name of the smogasbord that was located across the street from the Esquire Theatre on MacArthur Blvd. Sometime in the late 70’s, early 80’s.

  221. don:

    What was name of restaurant on east cook st east of post office in1980s that seved an onion loaf appitizer.

  222. Michael G.:

    can you please put the history of the Ridgeley Building on here. work with goodwill’s janitorial crew that cleans the building Monday through Friday. the security guard said something about there being a boiler explosion back in the 1940s that killed a maintenance man,and the building is haunted. he said every night he goes to the 12th floor to check the place over before he leaves each night the hairs on the back of his neck stand up as if he is being watched. i’ve looked all over Google for the history of the building and have found nothing. thank you.

    • Pamela Skaggs-Stark:

      I use to clean that building. It is haunted. I know as you go into the stairwell I believe it was the,12th floor you get this feeling that someone is there. They never bothered me. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  223. Cheryl Compton:

    Here is something I have been working on and just have had no luck whatsoever. I am looking for photos of a house located at 3515 E. National Road, Springfield, Ohio. It is now Eastside Square. I would like images from around 1974-1978. Also, images of 3079 Uplands Drive in Parkridge Acres in Springfield, Ohio. Thanks you so much.

  224. Alyssa Henson:

    What was the name of the disco on south 6th street out by the Lake Springfield bridge that is now a church?

  225. Gloria Barron Muelle:

    I lived in Springfield on the Northside until i married in1955. I attended St. Al’s, St Joe’s and Ursuline academy. I worked at Broadwell Drug store while in highschool and then Ill. Bell. I remember The Pantheon and Cout’s. At the end of a long night out, we would go to a place on, I think, Cook, for chocolate pie. I spent a lot of time at Memorial? Pool and also Lake Springfield Beach. Two Brothers was good. I met my husband at the Lake Club. The Mill’s Brothers were performing. Good memories of my old hometown,

  226. Can you find anything on Brown’s Grocery. A small market on Capital street in the 60’s

  227. Kristen:

    Would love to see some pictures of Fillmore St. in Jerome around 1950. Thank you!


    I am searching for any history or pictures of The Blue Moon Tavern that was located out by the State Fairgrounds in the 50′ & 60’s. I had family that ran it and lived upstairs in an apartment. Any help would be much appreciated.

  229. Jill Pillsbury:

    The Loop Market? Celtic Mist is located there now.

  230. Nereida Littrell:

    LOVE your site! If there’s any way possible of securing a photo of Littrell Music Store, I would be indebted to you. Bob Littrell owned the music store in the mid-1970’s. It was located on South Grand between 5th & 6th Street, roughly where McDonald’s is today. There was a popular restaurant directly across the street; I don’t recall the name but would recognize it immediately if I heard it. Would love to gift him with a photo, if possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your search.

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