Public Square – South (ca. 1950)



  1. Paul Davison:

    Isn’t this where the Lincoln Library camped out after the old one was torn down and while the new one was being built?

    • Priscilla Palmer Sea:

      Yes, it did become the temporary Lincoln Library prior the building of the current Lincoln Library.

      Priscilla Palmer Seay

  2. John Collins:

    This photo looks like it is from the late 40’s very early 50’s judging from the cars and the front of JC Penny’s. I used to work P/T at Penny’s from 1963-65. I worked for Mary Nell in the Boy’s Dept and in the shoe dept’

  3. John Collins:

    I forgot to post that the Boys dept was on the mezanine. No elevators so everyone had to walk up to the Ladies dept on the 2nd floor.

  4. Ron Kelley:

    I remember this old J.C. Penney store very well. My favorite aunt worked in the business portion of the mezzanine. At Christmas shopping time I’d visit her for her to help me get an appropriate size, color,& style house dress for my mom (her sister). I was always intriqued to watch the money, receipts, etc. travel back and forth in the vacuum tube route between the shopping floor and the office.

  5. Jack Mattsson:

    Ron Kelley Are you the Ronald Wayne Kelley that grow up on S.9th. If you are please get in touch. I am in Girard,Ill.

  6. Ron Kelley:

    Jack, I am. How can I contact you? phone, email?

  7. Jack Mattsson:

    My email address is Cell:217 891-2826
    home 217 627-3763. Love to hear from you.

  8. kregg argenta:

    I believe LL was a few doors down, in the old Sears (later Osco’s, now Korean War Museum) building.

    • Priscilla Palmer Sea:

      You are so right, Kregg. The temporary Lincoln Library was in the old Sears/later Osco’s/ and now Korean War Museum. My husband’s flight jacket that he wore in the Korean War and some of his radio operator equipment is on display in that museum. My husband was a radio operator in the Air Force during the Korean War.

      Priscilla Palmer Seay

  9. Barbara Wyeth:

    Fun to poke around the wonderful chaos of Prairie State Archives. I always find a gem!

  10. Barbara Brunk Harris:

    I remember shopping her with my mom and having lunch at the counter of the the Kressge Dine store.

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