Public Square North (1951)


Hold your cursor over the photo to see how this spot looks now (Oct 2009).


  1. I prefer the “before” version.

  2. Scott:

    I believe that at the far right of the old photo, behind the Robert Bros. building, is the auditorium of the Orpheum Theatre.

  3. Becky:

    No, it was the Strand Theater, and was by the Barber College. The Orpheum was a block south of the square.

  4. Claire:

    I believe the Orpheum was a block north of the square on 5th and the Strand was a block east on Washington

  5. auggie egger:

    The Strand was on the southeast corner of 6th & Adams. The Orpheum was on the east side of 5th street just south of jefferson.

  6. E. Smith:

    Springfield Dry Goods is where my mother would buy her fabric. She used to stand in front of the store windows, sketch the latest women fashions, go home cut patterns from newspapers, and make me the most beautiful clothes, the kids made fun of them but the teachers loved them. I looked like a very young, older lady.

  7. Jerry Waters:

    What is the spire (tower) in the left background? Looks like the Capitol Building, but can’t be as we are facing north.

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