People’s Hot Water, Heating and Electric (1902)


People’s Hot Water, Heating and Electric Co. was the forerunner to CILCO.  Currently, the building is the home to The Sangamo Club.


  1. I’m so glad you’re updating the site again!

  2. Connor McNamara:

    On the 2009 photo, what in the world is that on the upper left-hand corner?

    (It looks like a hat somebody threw in the air, is it?)

  3. Diane k seiz-davis:

    you are on the railroad tracks, it’s part of the flashing light. look at the bottom of the picture, you’ll see the tracks and to the right, you’ll see the arm.

  4. Bernie:

    In the 1950’s This was Jageman Bode Wholesale Grocrey Warehouse. There was a Siding that Box cars of Grocries were spoted so they could be unloaded. on the old GM&O Railroad.
    I spent many a night on that step at side door waiting for the Passenger trains So we could take Mail cars off of them.

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