Lincoln Law Office Building (1960’s)



  1. Giuseppe:

    It actually looks a lot better now! That’s a switch from the usual… But does anyone know, was the building taller at one time? I only ask because the building next to it looks like there’s old plaster on the brick like it was a shared wall between the two buildings?

  2. Pat:

    My late Uncle John Eck ran the Allen Shoe Store for many years — back in the 50’s-60’s.

  3. CLJ:

    love the street lights back then

  4. pat:

    what is right of th eshoe store starts with “B”

  5. Rosy:

    Wish we had these shoe stores today. They really had a variety that if you didn’t like what was in style (how ugly it was), you could find a pair of shoes you liked. Cant today (Also they are not made in country and don’t fit or fall apart. Bring back the good ole days.

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