Lincoln Center (1965)



  1. The Lincoln Center was home to the Ann Rutledge Pancake House. As a lad, it was my favorite restaurant named after a woman who was rumoured to have had an affair with A. Lincoln, unless of course he was gay. On those Sunday’s when God was particulary pleased with us, we’d get to go there and eat cherry and whipped cream pancakes.

    • Terry M. Kyes:

      Anne Rutledge didn’t have an affair…she was Lincoln’s main squeeze in New Salem til she died..learn your history, please.

  2. res1202:

    I remember the Martin Way Restuarant across the street from the Ann Rutledge. Just west, close to where Walgreens is now, was the Velvet Freeze Ice Cream Shop. On the South-West corner was Maple Gardens Tavern. Before the Lincoln Center was built the Y-B Market was on that corner. As a child I attended St. Joseph Grade School and walked by the Y-B every school day because we lived West of Walnut Street. The Y-B had a big awning out front with a big selection of fruits and vegtables.

    I would like to see some pictures of the Pantheon Theater and the old Springfield Resevoir.

  3. Russ:

    Here’s a shot of the Pantheon from 1946…

    (Photo courtesy of The Sangamon Valley Collection at Lincoln Library)

  4. mramsey680:

    Marcia Pehlman Ramsey
    Coldwell Banker Apex Realtors
    Dallas TX

    That was Yates Brothers market right? I too went to St. Joseph School and my Dad used to take me to Maple Gardens where they had the best potatoe chips in the world called Jans Frills! That an a bottle of Pepsi and I was set. I also remember Martin Way and their wonderful hamburgers. YB was where my mother shopped and I loved going in there in the summer as it was the only place besides the Pantheon that was air conditioned. The Pantheon was a great gathering place – Friday night was the big outing! Can you upload pictures to the people that run this site?

    Marcia Pehlman Ramssey

  5. Giuseppe:

    My first memories was of my brother working in the pancake shop about 1971 or so… I got a part time job there in the gift shop section about 1980 or so… It was still a very cool place to me and such interesting people that would come in! Glad to see at least the building still retains a bit of its original character. I really loved all the North side of Spfd, such a historic area along with the Lincoln sites and all!

  6. I worked at the old Y-B Supermarket in the late 50’s and early 60’s with Mike Mizeur, Jerry Tansky, Sandy Senkus, and Val Decatoirre.
    Doc Adams was young then and managed the place along with Joe Yates and Eddie Baliski. My magnificent wage of 50 cents per hour was meaningful in those days. The parking lot on Monument Avenue was sometimes a car lot for Bill Yates. I used to have to pull Doc’s 59 pink Oldsmobile convertible around to the front before closing, so naturally I would cruise through the Icy Root Beer first. I have a lot of wonderful memories of Y-B and the whole area because I grew up on North Third Street with 12 Mizeur’s, 11 Luparell’s, 8 Marrin’s, 4 Ketchum’s, 3 Jones’s, and 3 Dirksen’s. What a wonderful childhood at St. Joseph’s, Memorial Swimming Pool, Cout’s, and the Pantheon.

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