Horace Mann (1971)


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  1. doll.lady:

    I worked at Horace Mann at the time of the building being built. We were housed in many buildings between 2nd and 5th on Monroe street with the main building at 216 Monroe. I started working there in 1967 and we moved into the new building in the first part of 1972. The building wasn’t completed at the time. The window on my floor had tarps across it as they were still delivering building materials through the opening. The cafeteria was no where near complete and we had sandwich selections for months. We had to be careful where we stepped to avoid falling over building materials and tarps. After moving in, the second floor was leased to the State of Illinois as it was thought Horace Mann didn’t need the room, but Horace Mann grew and soon needed the second floor. After completion it was a nice building but the windows created hot places in the building and of course cold places too. Eventually they got this adjusted some but there were places no one wanted to sit due to horrible temperature variances. The Senior staff had beautiful offices and the general workers had plain old beige desks. Mid-level management had offices with Herman Miller walls so there wasn’t a lot of privacy for management. The higher the walls were the higher you were in management. They were constantly making major moves to accomodate changes in philosophies and management. Over the years Horace Mann needed yet more rooms and expanded again to several buildings in the vicinity, with even an employee fitness center. It is my understanding that Horace Mann has reduced its staff immensely over the last few years since the change in Senior Management and they don’t even have the fitness center any longer.

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