Elijah Iles House (1915)


This is the first time I’ve done one of these shots for a structure that’s no longer at the same address as the original photo.  In fact, the current spot is the third location for Springfield’s oldest remaining structure.

The Iles House was built around 1830 at the corner of 6th and Cook and was there until 1910, when it was moved to 1825 South Fifth Street to make room for the new First Christian Church. It was at that address until 1998 when it was moved to 7th and Cook and restored by The Elijah Iles House Foundation.



  1. Cookie Monster Day Care Coop was in the basement and backyard of this building in the 70’s.

  2. Suggest an unusual warm weekend of spring – it was higher than 108 degrees – but we’ve found that really problematic to a summer’s day. As the saying goes, dry summer in La Quinta Palm Springs and 90 degrees Temps this morning feeling fresh.

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