Dana-Thomas House



  1. This is my personal favorite place in Springfield.

  2. Ed Fliege:

    Mine too. There’s nothing like it anywhere.

  3. Bill McKenzie:

    I have the Bill Crook ink drawing of the D-T house. My most prized piece of art!

  4. Sandy G.:

    It hasn’t changed in over 106 years — still as beautiful as ever.

  5. Rodney Wise:

    Both of my parents worked for Charles C. Thomas Publishers when it owned the house. I got to run around inside that place all the time as a kid. There was never a dull vista. I remember at one point they took sections of the duck pin lane from the lower level to the C.C.Thomas warehouse on south 1st across from Black Hawk School and used them for tables.

  6. Tina:

    Love the Dana Thomas House. Glad to see it remains just the same as always.

  7. pat langley:

    When I arrived in Springfield in 19977, this was the Thomas publishing company, and I recall that there were some changes to the exterior–a sign perhaps. Then it was vacant, then the state bought and repotred it. It would be interesting to see pictures of the Thomas Publishing era.

  8. C. Rhoades:

    Whenever we’d drive by it, I used to think my mom was calling it the Danny Thomas house. Which I remember as a five year old, the notion of his show being broadcast live right inside that door made it pretty darn interesting.

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