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  1. Kathie Bridges:

    Both my mothers and fathers families have deep ties to Springfield. Four of my seven siblings were born in Springfield until our family relocated to St. Louis. Recently, I uncovered some papers naming Carl T. Meyer from Springfield, Illinois as the architect of my mother’s childhood home in Casey, Illinois built in 1936. Upon learning this detail, I went to google and came to this link. I am curious to find more information about Mr. Meyer’s, his work and/or the relationship between Mr. Meyer’ s and my grandfather, August V. Ettelbrick. I can be contacted at this email address:

    Thank You,
    Kathie Bridges

  2. Nancy Beal:

    My husband and I were trying to remember which restraunt was on 9th and North Grand, I say Sandys or Red Barn. There is a liquor store there now. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mary kinner:

      Red Barn was at 2nd and North Grand. I think sandys was at (th and north grand

    • Greg Sullivan:

      I believe it was The Georgian Restaurant

    • Fairmont Drive:

      It was called “Broiler Burger” or simply “The Broiler” in the early 60’s. Just north of N Grand on the west bank of 9th. I remember the sign with its animated neon coals and flames like yesterday. We never ate there as I recall as it was primarily a drive in, similar to Icy Rootbeer west down N Grand at rutledge, and my Dad was pretty anal about eating in his new company car, although I do remember frequently picking up in the small indoor dining area and taking it home. Around 65 – 68 it became a burger/broasted chicken joint called “The Shack”, great food without the drive in service and a seemingly enlarged dining area. It sat empty for several years afterward before becoming Northend liquor, I believe around 79.

    • Jamie Stone:

      Sandy’s was on N.9th Street about a block S. of North Grand. Sandy’s then became Hardee’s. Hardee’s then became pavement.

  3. Ed Chott:

    This is a very neat site

  4. Mike:

    9th and North Grand had Land of Lincoln Bank with Watt Brothers to the West of it.
    The fast food restaurant south of that was Hardee’s, which was originally Sandy’s Restaurant.
    The Sandy’s restaurants in Springfield and Decatur became Hardee’s…probably in the 70’s…(not sure)..I remember Sandy’s theme song “Sandy’s come as you are”

  5. Erica:

    What was the name of the small restaurant/bar located on the first floor of the office building 222 south college in the mid-1980’s?

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