Adams Facing 4th (1974)



  1. Craig:

    Interesting to see “The Platter” at the southeast corner of 4th and Adams, which was the best place in town to buy quality audio equipment, and the B & Z Pastry Shop next door, which was the best bakery in town EVER.

  2. Janet:

    I remember B&Z Bakery. Sometimes for special occasions my mom would pick up a cake there. My favorite was a lemon cake. Mom worked at Horace Mann before they were in the current location. We lived in the John Hay Homes and she would walk to and from work everyday. I have such wonderful memories of downtown Springfield. This website is awesome!

  3. Meredith Rhule:

    I can still hear Charlie yelling, “Hey Carla,” over The Platter inside loudspeakers. hahahaha

  4. Charles Robson:

    I worked for Leath Furniture in the mid 60s for 2 years in Spfld and then was transferred to the Leath Store in Anderson, In. where I still live today. This websight brings back a lot of memories. I should mention that the lemon cake at the B&Z bakery was to die for.

  5. Mindy:

    I agree with you,Craig. B&Z was the best!

  6. Barbara Wyeth:

    I don’t know if B&Z was the best, but I certainly remember it well! How about Rechner’s on the east side by the John Hay Homes – butter cake?! and those cinnamon rolls they served on First Fridays at SS Peter and Paul Grade School?

  7. Rosie:

    B&Z was the best. Those days were the best under the worst circumstances. Oh what kids miss out on today

  8. Baldy:

    Hmmm….street surfaces appear to be in better shape in 1974. There were more street lights. But the one constant is that the parking meters are still there !!!

  9. Janet:

    Barbara, I do remember Recner’s Bakery. We had the oatmeal cookies and the butter cake was delicious. We lived in the John Hay Homes and went to Rechner’s almost every day. I also went to St. Peter and Paul. What a wonderful time that was back then!

  10. MIKE T:

    YES B&Z WAS THE BEST I worked there for 10 yrs.Harold Figgie & wife were the owners at that time.

    • Vicky:

      Any idea where I can get a recipe for that delicious lemon cake. My mother used to go to B & Z and get all kinds of baked goods for us, but the lemon cake was our favorite. One of many memories of goodness from back in the day!

  11. Elsie:

    I worked at Illinois Bell in the Illinois Building and downtown was the place to be. I remember Bressmer’s Dept. Store, S A Barker’s and Rolands so many wonderful memories. And the Platter and B & Z Bakery there was always somewhere to go on the lunch hour. It was a dream come true for a girl from a small town to be dropped smack in the middle of downtown Springfield! Thanks for the memories.

  12. Barbara Brunk Harris:

    I had my wedding cake made at BZ wonderful memory.
    I also think the platter was the first place to handle video recording equipment, I believe we bought a Betamax there.

  13. Susan:

    What wonderful memories this site is provoking! Yes, B & Z Bakery! My mom brought special treats from there. I am still trying to make their gooey butter cake! Loved downtown: Bressmers, Rolands, Myers Brothers, the theatres. And, Washington Park! Nostalgia!

  14. I loved B&Z butter cream icing,would love to have the reciepe for personal use.

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