9th & Jefferson (1927)



  1. roddelay:

    worked here

    My dad worked for Producers Dairy for 32 years and I worked for him on weekends and all summer. I learned to drive in an old standup milk truck.

  2. Al Farmer:

    We used to live in the John Hay Homes. We would stop there for shakes going downtown and coming home.

    The best strawberry shake I ever had came from the Sangamon Dairy at 8th and Adams.
    I think that one closed when I was still very young, in the 1950’s.

  3. Al Farmer:

    The other thing we used to do was get chunks of paraffin from the dairy, back where they waxed the milk cartons. We would take it home, heat it up and make hand casts with it.

  4. Marilyn:

    I remember going in for ice cream cones and across the street was another dairy, Homeir’s Dairy.

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