7th between Monroe and Capitol (1962)


The old YMCA, right before it was torn down.  The current Y, at 4th and Cook has been open for 47 years.


  1. mary schwaner:

    Anyone have a picture of St. John’s Hospital School of Nursing Building. Was torn down,but there has to be some photyos somewhere. Thanks

  2. wonderful Pictures.Like That!

  3. Jim Barrett:

    The Sky Ranch on Friday & Saturday, was the teen hangout..located in the lower right part of the picture…great times…

  4. Giuseppe:

    It’s a shame that so much space that could be used for something is just gone… and such a beautiful building too!

  5. Lee Ingraham:

    When I went to Sky Ranch it was in the basement of the YWCA at 5th and Jackson !

  6. John Collins:

    I remember swimming in the Y pool. Loud echo from all of the yelling & splashing. Then I seem to remember a room upstairs that was decorated like a ship or boat with round windows like portholes and other nautical stuff. Anyone else remember that?

    • Al Farmer:

      I sure do. We spent Saturday mornings in the 50’s/early 60’s there for Gym, Swim, and Handicraft.

      We had like a little clubroom with a nautical-theme area called Davey Jones’ Locker, where they had a t.v.

      We used to also play a game called Nok-Hockey, and bumper pool. The other thing I remember is buying Fire Sticks candy out of the machine there.

      Wasn’t the Public Library very close to there, as well?

  7. John Collins:

    I also remember the running track that over looked the basketball court.

  8. Ron Kelley:

    I also remember swimming in the YMCA pool. During my era there we were required to swim nude. I never understood why and wondered if that was a nation-wide YJCA requirement.

  9. BOB:

    Iremember they had dances at DAVY JOHNS LOCKER in the basement

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