6th & North Grand (1950)



  1. Craig:

    Ya gotta love those cheesy window coverings they put on that old fire station at some point. Interesting to see there was a Cities Service station on the Mel-O-Cream lot in 1950.

  2. ileaner:

    Wonder when the building to the east lost its corner window?
    Must have been a front row seat to the trains going by!!

  3. mramsey680:

    Marcia Pehlman Ramsey
    Coldwell Banker Apex Realtors
    Dallas TX

    My father, Dutch Pehlman was a fireman at that fire station and went on to become Chief of the department some years later. I used to get to stay there with him every now and then and he taught me how to slide down the pole. Other firemen there were Joe Nonneman, John Esslinger, Nowey Neal and Bill Vandegrift. They had quite a time there and they really could cook up some delicious stuff.


  4. Mike:

    How strange. I live in Dallas also. I used to live in Springfield about 16 years ago. I came back to visit and stop at Mel-O-Cream…they don’t have them there. I made a comment about the window treatments to my mom. I think this was the Dick Van Dyke applicance center in the 1970’s. Maybe the window treatments reflect that time.

  5. Craig R:

    The building to the east didn’t only lose the nice bay window, if you look closley, the whole building is a little parking lot.

  6. Tim House:

    If I remember right. The fire house was later a Gebharts Automotive store. That was back when I used to love going to “the avenue”.

  7. debi:

    does anybody remember the name of the old dime store on N. Grand? Sams pizza is there now. I used to get brachs candy by the ounce! I would go in with 25 cents and get chocolate stars and choc. covered peanuts and have a nickle left over for choc. milk. I loved that store!

  8. pam:

    the dime store was Hudson’s .

  9. Al Farmer:

    I used to be in love with two young ladies who worked at the dime store in about 1962 to 1965. I was about 14 to 17 years old then. One was named Linda, and I think she was the one who had dark hair and very pretty eyes, although I might have them mixed up. Cannot remember the name of the other young lady.

  10. Al Farmer:

    There also used to be a Martin gas station right in that area, as well. My Dad worked there back around 1953 to 1955 or so.

  11. E. Smith:

    So many memories connected to “The Avenue”. Lanham’s hardware store. Hudson’s , Piggly Wiggly, Mel-O-Crème Donuts, Watts Brothers Pharmacy, the gas station was it Marathon, Coy’s,

  12. Al Farmer:

    Born in Springfield in 1948.North-ender all my life there [Hay Homes; Enterprise Street]. Graduated Lanphier 1966, then off to military and north to Minnesota after that.

    Lanham’s sounds familiar, although I recall Noonan’s better. Worked up at Kroger’s by Icy Root Beer; The Mill Restaurant. Some of my best memories are of the old neighborhood stores: Rule’s [11th & Mason]; Campo’s [12th & Carpenter]; Herman’s [14th & Reynolds]; Beal’s [15th & Reynolds]. Taft Dairy, Reinhardt & Millard’s Drug Store, Harms’s vegetable market up by Memorial Hospital area. Dad’s name same as mine. Bartender & owner (Silver Moon, 16th & Moffatt; Wally’s, 11th & Phillips], other bars earlier days. Went to Palmer Grade School and Immanuel Lutheran School. Would like to here from anyone who remembers me or these things. If there is a 50th class reunion this summer, I will be there for the first time since I graduated.

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