6th & Monroe (1971)



  1. mramsey680:


    Marcia Pehlman Ramsey
    Coldwell Banker Apex Realtors
    Dallas TX

    The greatest store in town! At one time I am sure that my parents owed their lives to that store thanks to my buying habits. This is the coolest site…was put onto it by Katie Kohlrus Higgins…a classmate of mine.

  2. Debi:

    Thank you so much for bringing back so many childhood memories. My cousin and I spent every sat. wandering around town like we owned the place! It has taken me back to a time of joy and happiness in a lifetime of strife. I’ve been missing something in my life for a long time and this web site has given it to me, HAPPY childhood memories!! Thank you!!

  3. emilyb:

    During the 50’s the Springfield Symphony held their weekly rehearsals on one of the floors above Thrifty’s. My dad played bass violin along with Tom Sams. I was downtown for choir practice or something at First Methodist and would head over there afterwards and do my homework while watching Mr. Farbman rehearse the orchestra. During break we went downstairs for a Coke — huge treat!

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