6th & Monroe – 1965



  1. janet Dillow:

    I can barely see the awning and sign for Holland Jewelers’. My grandfather and later my dad owned and ran the store. They were both named William Holland. We spent many hours in the store. We loved going down to the creepy basement to use the restroom or sit in a big chair and do homework. I remember being allowed to watch the Christmas parade from the upper floors of the building. It was a beautiful view. Thrifty’s or Steak and Shake were fun places to go for lunch. The staff at Maldenars treated the “Holland girls” like family.

    • I took an old ring of my Mom’s to your father’s store, Janet; and he made a beautiful engagement ring for me to present to my future wife, Mary Ann Templeton, in 1966. As the radio ads said, he was “Holland’s, your jeweler.” I hope that’s a correct recollection of the ad. I miss the Springfield of our era. The mall and the explosion of wild growth to the west of town seems to have caused the dismantling of much of the heart of downtown. Thank you, Holland family, for being Springfield’s family jeweler.

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