6th and Monroe (1971)



  1. Eric Lipford:

    Somebody should restore the Ferguson Building back to its original splendor. It looks horrible!

  2. Craig:

    I agree. The Ferguson Building could be a real showcase. What in the world were those folks thinking who covered it up like that in the ’60s??

  3. Marie:

    I have a distinct recollection of huge nets being draped over the top of this building and hanging down the sides of the top couple floors to keep hundreds of from pigeons roosting. That was about 1977 or so.

  4. ileaner:

    Urban renewal is such a ugly thing sometimes.
    Why is it Springfield has not had much pride in old buildings?
    For all the publicity in being a historic tourist destination, it seems anything older than 50 years is destined for the wrecking ball.

  5. Mike:

    I remember going into Coe’s bookstore. They had a lot of books and nice sales people working there.

  6. Jeff Kornfeld:

    Theres the Sazerac. Man I miss that place. I’ve been to some of the most famous dives in the world and my best memories are still from the Sazerac. Did that bartender ever get a day off?

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