6th and Monroe (1966)



  1. It’s amazing how the pictured south side of Monroe hasn’t changed hardly at all in 42 years.

  2. Scott:

    I would think that even in 1966 that metal cladding they put up would have been considered ugly. What were they thinking? Hopefully they will restore the building someday and take down the metal in the process.

  3. rock-robster:

    Seriously, what is the purpose of that ugly metal mesh super-structure (on the Cafe Brio building)???

  4. adam strong:

    What year did they tear down the Senate ?

  5. Michael:

    That Cafe Brio building is the ugliest high rise building downtown. I heard the metal mesh was installed incorrectly and was never fixed.

  6. John LaTessa:

    The Senate Theater was torn down in 1983. I was one of the final employees of that place.

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