6th and Adams (1965)



  1. Paul H:

    Am I looking at the Marine bank at near center of this frame?

  2. That’s right Paul. Of course, today it’s Chase Bank.

  3. Connor McNamara:

    I think my father told me once that he used to work at the Strand Theatre. I’m 18 btw, so that makes him 56 now. I love the old man!

  4. Don Bacon:

    I thoroughly appreciated the walk through Springfield past.

    The downtown area was particularly nostalgic.

    This entire work is worth depositing into the SAVE file.

  5. shirley timms shaifer:

    S.A. Barkers was one of my favorite stores in the late 50s and early 60s.

  6. Joe Ushman:

    WOW. Super shot. What mems these pix bring back!

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