600 Block of East Monroe (1985)



  1. Darla sez:

    You mean E. Monroe correct?

  2. Yes, added ‘East’ to the title. Thanks.

  3. Darla sez:

    We used to live on the 600 block of west capitol, one block south of 600 west monroe. Which probably looks different than in the 1980’s, but never looked like the picture. Just guessing, I did not live here then. But several houses were torn down there when we lived there.

  4. My mother worked for years at 617 East Monroe, as a “legal secretary” to Earl Bice & Gary Phillips. Now I get my hair styled there at J Design. Interesting tidbit – it was Vincent’s Beauty Salon before it was a law office. Full circle!

  5. Jim Barrett:

    Old memories…the store on the corner across from Allen’s Cigar Store was Ford Hopkins Drug Store and next door was the Ill State Register newspaper before it merged with the Jounral…next to the alley was a beauty shop and I can’t remember the other two stores..

  6. Giuseppe:

    I always like to look and figure out what’s been done but on this one I can’t quite figure out if the 3 story building with the white facade has been taken down by one story and its the same building or is it a totally new building? Looks like there is a drive of some kind between it and the other little building next to it now too…

  7. Scott:

    Giuseppe – as I recall, the three story building with the white terra cotta facade was torn down in late 1985 or early 1986. The site then served as a surface parking lot (surprise) until the early or mid-1990s when the new building was constructed. Fortunately, the new building blends in quite nicely with the vintage building on the corner (i.e., Merrill Lynch). And yes, there is an alley there.

  8. David:

    My dad owned Vincent’s Beauty Salon and I remember the 617 East Monroe location really well. Before that, his shop was around the corner on Sixth street next to Coe’s (now a vacant lot). After he closed the shop on Monroe he moved his shop to Bressmer’s and then to Roland’s. He continued working in the hair business until he was 88.

  9. Baldy:

    kind of funny to look at the differences in the fire hydrant in the lower right corner

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