600 Block of E. Adams

Bressmer's Department Store
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  1. Bill Graber:

    I remember shopping here with my mother! What a neat store. I remember the old “tube” system that took your payment up to a cashier on either the second or third floor then sent the change back. Came out of the system with force into a basket next to the counter. Whoosh, thunk! I remember a Mr. Elmore who was the “floorwalker” for the store. He used to ride up the elevators with us and talk. Housewares was in the basement. I rolled down the stairs once when I was about 4 or 5 and he calmed me down with candy!! I remember a Mrs. Pope who was in the fabric department. We used to come in the alley door for the employees because my mother cut through the alley from the back from Monroe Street. This is a great site for memories!!!!!

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