5th & Monroe (1976)



  1. ileaner:

    anyone know what the multi-story building is in the background on left?

  2. bobby:

    I think it is the Hernden building or somthing like that.

  3. Scott:

    The name of that building was the Abe Lincoln Hotel. It was on the southwest corner of Fifth & Capitol. It was imploded in 1978, if I recall correctly. The picture was taken from the NE corner of Fifth & Monroe, looking southwest.

    There was some thought given to renovating the hotel into office space, but the powers that be decided the ceilings weren’t high enough to allow for the installation of heating & cooling ductwork. Though by no means a spectacular building, the loss of the Lincoln Hotel left a large hole in the fabric of downtown Springfield, especially since it was replaced with a crummy parking lot.

  4. Marie:

    This is still the block south of the focus of the photo: The State of Illinois decided it wanted to build a super state office building on that site. Using the powers of eminent domain, it filed condemnation proceedings on every parcel on the block. But, the YWCA fought it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and won. The State, being the State, didn’t want to build around the Y, so it abandoned the building plan. Hence the large hole of a parking lot.

  5. secretsquirel68:

    Anyone remimber the Roxy Theater that was just south of here on 5th?

  6. Jerry Waters:

    At the Southern edge of the block of 5th St pictured here sat the Lincoln Theatre. 5th St Flower Shop occupied the southeast corner of the theatre building. The Abraham Lincoln Hotel was across Capitol St to the south. Johnny’s Rexall Drugs was in the northeast corner of the hotel building. It had a luncheonette with a counter and booths and was a great Saturday night hangout.

  7. ramses9:

    The brick building housed the Roxy Theater. After it closed, the predecessor of the present day State Board of Education had their in-house Television studio and associated offices. I think it was part of the Office of Public Instruction which was a Statewide elected office.

  8. bobby:

    Herndon building.

  9. MIKE T:

    My dad made me along with a friend of mine go to the Arthur Murray dance studios for dance lessons in 1954 .Only lasted for 3 weeks though.We wern’t interested in dancing at the age of 10

  10. SHS Grad:

    Does anyone remember the name of the stationery stores downtown in the 60s/70s? I know there was Glenn Brunks but what was the other one where you could order special paper supplies? Thanks.

  11. Barbara Brunk Harris:

    The Office Store

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