5th & Monroe (1970s)



  1. Todd L. Gilbert:

    Seeing the Senate from then is giving me “Rocky Horror” flashbacks… 😉

  2. I have a good Senate story I’ll have to share with you sometime.

  3. The last movie I saw at the Senate was Tommy, a Rock Opera. It wasn’t even packed, but there were at least a couple hundred people in attendance. A few minutes after intermission, the electricity went out and the theater had to be evacuated.

  4. David Robinson:

    I seem to recall that one time the Tivoli Thearer, around the corner on 5th Street, was being remodeled and they piled stuff on top of the Senate roof and it collapsed.

  5. Jay:

    When I look at this picture I remember the Senate It was demolished when I was a kid. I also seem to recall Tom & Sally’s..didnt they have a store entrance on 5th street and that building burned down in the early 80’s. Also what was the name of the store at that same corner- I just remember when is was going out of business. It would be great to see pics of the corner building and also along 5th street- where the Tivoli was once.

  6. Paul H:

    This was the Senate after they turned it into a two screen theater. I remember the walls being thin and being distracted bythe screams from a horror movie on the other screen. I think the last time I was in there it was for the fantastic animation festival and I was one of about 10 people.

  7. Giuseppe:

    The last movie I saw there was in about 1977 King Kong with Jessica Lange! I would skip school and go to the movies! haha Man I Loved those downtown theaters!

  8. Elaine:

    What was in the building with the white awning about two doors down from the Senate Theater? I recently moved to the Lincoln Square Apartments and I think I’m sitting right over that spot now :)

    Every time I see an old movie on TV now (pre-1980s) I think about all the people who probably saw it for the first time almost right over this exact spot.

  9. Hi Elaine,
    The business with the white awning was Fox Photo. You can see a better view of it in this shot…


  10. Mike:

    I remember going to a rerun at the Senate Theater about 1977. They were showing Raquel Welch and Mae West in Myra Breckenridge (1970). At that time many of the downtown theaters were taking their last breath.

  11. Stephen Parfitt:

    What year did the Senate close? What other theaters were still downtown in 1982? The last movie I saw downtown was The Dark Crystal in 1982.

  12. Rosy:

    Went to school with daughter Sally of Tom and Sally; Milby’s. Think she lives in TN now and I think her mother or father just passed away in the last maybe four years..

  13. Mike:

    I saw so many shows at the senate as a kid. I remember seeing the original Halloween. The screen was so big. When they converted the balcony to a second screen it was so small. I saw love at first bite on that screen….

  14. Janalyn:

    I worked the senate in the 70’s, little short blue uniforms with the white gogo boots. Except for the door man and manager there were only female workers and the esquire hired only males such as Mike Nolan and Bond Tarr and others . Oh such fun times

  15. Dave Kane:

    I worked at the Roxy Theatre, on South Fifth just north of the YWCA, from 1975-78. It was part of the Frisina theatre chain when I first came there, then was bought by the Kerasotes family. The Roxy (originally the Majestic) was torn down in maybe 1979 or 80. We (Roxy employees) used to play softball games against a team from the Senate Theatre.

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