5th at Jackson (1970)



  1. Craig:

    Not sure when the Roxy Theatre came down – I was present when the Abe Lincoln Hotel was imploded in December 1978 (?) I think it was.

  2. Jay:

    Thanks for finding the picture of the hotel and also the Roxy. I grew up blocks away and we would walk downtown- I remember the morning the hotel was imploded-Until seeing this picture I couldnt really remember what that block looked like. All I remember was that horrible parking lot. I would love to see pics of the rest of that block ie capital and aslo 4th st.

  3. Giuseppe:

    wow great pic of the old Roxy theater! Can still remember going to the theater in the 60’s and what a treat it was! So sad all these great old places were torn down to make room for a parking lot.

  4. Paul H:

    Oh yeah. I can remember parking downtown and walking to the movie theaters. We were from out of town so it was a big treat for me to get to the big city. The Hub clothiers and a sporting goods store were usually on the list of places to go too.

  5. My parents owned and operated the Apartment Lounge located just to the right of the theater under the marquee.

  6. Paul H:

    We used the parking lot pictured here in the foreground on several occasions. I can remember seeing “The Omega Man” with Charleton ( sp) Heston at the Roxy.

  7. Don Castles:

    I was an usher at the old Roxy when I was a senior at SHS. Then it was the modern theatre in town. Underneath was a huge basement where we changed into our uniforms. The building in the foreground on the left was the YWCA.

  8. Charles Robson:

    In the late 50s I was the night doorman at the Roxy, and if I recall the bar to the right of the Marquee was called the “Roxy Lounge” after I locked up after the last show I would give the keys to the bartender.

  9. Greg Nergenah:

    I was an usher at the Roxy in the 60’s about 1966 and 67. I saw the Jungle Book and Cool Hand Luke so many time I had the lines memorized for all parts. It was my first job part time at .75 per hour. Greg Nergenah

  10. Paul B:

    I can remember the sparkles in the sidewalk outside the Roxy. At night, they had an almost 3D look to them as you walked by

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