5th and Washington (Early 1970s)


Hold your cursor over the photo to see how this spot looks now.


  1. Mike:

    Before reading Darrin’s comment, I was thinking the same thing… maybe the early 1970’s. I remember when Broadwell’s was remodeled, but I don’t remember what the date was. (that would help with the dating). Also, I remember when Wolfson’s Furniture was open downtown. The lamps on the square look “mod” from the early 70’s.

  2. Pat Ryan:

    Ahh! the newstands in Springfield. In 1956-57, I worked the 5th and Monroe stand, all owned by Woody Shadid and his brother, I believe, and a friends of mine worked here at Broadwell’s drug and the one at 6th and Monroe. And I think the former commenter is correct in that I don’t see Drach’s restaurant, Washington was a through street in 1960, and I think Myers’ Brothers was different in 1960.

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