5th & Adams (1970)



  1. Marie:

    Excellent 2007 photo. You make the Forum 30 look better than it actually does. I do wonder if that 1970 date is correct from the Sangamon Valley Collection, though. It could be, but I thought for sure we had closed off that block of Adams by then.

    I was a regular shopper at Three Sisters. That’s where I bought my favorite peasant dress.

  2. Christine:

    Wasn’t there a McDonald’s on the corner during the 80’s ? I remember there being one next to the Osco’s.

  3. vince:

    Yes the McDonalds was on the corner. I think there was a Hardees in there at some point too

  4. E. Smith:

    y mother opened me a charge account at Three Sisters . I would come home and my dad would ask “is that new?” I’d reply, “no, I’ve had it a while’ he would smile. Every Saturday we would go to town, buy feed at Sweet & Canterbury, eat Banana Cream Pie at the Blue Moon CafĂ© and go back home.

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