431 S. 4th (1963)



  1. Alice:

    Was this not the garage for the Illinois Bell Telephone company? I remember riding the car elevator with my dad up to where the phone company cars were worked on. This really looks like that building.

  2. Jeff Kornfeld:

    Yes that was IL Bells garage. I worked there from ’76 to ’78. From what I understand it was also a car dealership and a popular music venue in the ’60s for psychedelic degenerate bands like the Signets and Reindeer Army. I believe it was called the Pavillion Club. If you see any of the people from those bands tell them practice is at my house on sunday.byob.

  3. MIKE T:

    It was a FORD dealership because my dad bought a 1956 Ford Ranchwagon from them.The name of the dealer was “DRONE FORD”

  4. Mark Riefler:

    I think the Pavilion Club was next door to the north. My Cub Scout pack had roller skating parties in the rink behind the bar in the 1960s. Pretty sure Raindear Army used to play there.

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