400 Block of East Adams (1962)


This photo was taken in July of 1962.  Roll your mouse over the old photo to see what this street looks like today (Nov 2009).


  1. Scott:

    I haven’t lived in Spfld for a while. Is this the north side of Adams, between 4th and 5th? I believe Leath Furniture had a store in this block at one time.


  2. It is the north side, but I don’t know if Leath was down there. Stern’s Furniture was on 6th, just north of Adams.

  3. Jim Barrett:

    I believe Leath’s furniture was on Adams,but on the SW corner of 7th.

  4. Anonymous:

    Leaths was behind Kresge’s on Adams between 4th and 5th St

  5. Jim Doyle:

    The sportsman’s Center was owned by the Hoops family. Young Tom Hoops was a classmate of mine. That was when you could by hunting and fishing equipment from someone that knew something about what they were selling!

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