221 S 5th (1987)



  1. Mary Rotherham Smalley:

    I remember “saving” up, and then riding the bus downtow with friends to go to the Music Shop and buy a record – in the late 60’s. And then going home and playing my new 45! It was fun. I think they cost about 87 cents at the time – ha! And then a couple of years later, we would ride the bus home from SHA. There was a Sandy’s restaurant I think in the next block up, where we would stop and get a coke and fries while waiting to transfer to the S. 5th St bus. Yup, those were the good ol’ days!

    These pictures are awesome!

  2. I loved this store. I remember walking downtown and buying 45s at this place. The last record I remember buying from there is a 12 inch of Valley Girl by Moon Unit Zappa.

  3. Paul Davison:

    There was a Sandy’s until the early ’70s when it became a Hardee’s. I worked at a shoe store on 5th Street from 71-73 while I was at Griffin.

  4. Pat McLaughlin:

    Do I remember correctly that (back in the 60′) this store had booths where you could listen to the 45’s before you purchased them …

  5. Diane k seiz-davis:

    Yes Pat, I remember doing that, boy what a thing of the past.

  6. Craig R:

    The Platter on 4th & Adams S-E corner was my premier record store downtown until the mid 70’s. Wish they had a photo.

  7. Cheri S.:

    Does anyone remember the name of the popular shoe store on the corner of 5th and Monroe near the Senate theatre in the 60’s and 70’s? Every one I knew got their Capizio’s there.

  8. mike brennan:

    the bootery is the name of the shoe store.
    the record booths that you could listen to 45s at the music shop was along the south wall in the basement. i always wanted to do that when i was there but i never felt that comfortable in that store when i was a kid.

  9. John Collins:

    Wasn’t there also a record shop near the Capitol Building? I think it was on 2nd St between Monroe & Washington. But I haven’t been back in so long I could be wrong.

  10. John could you be thinking of the Platter at 4th and Adams?

  11. Charles Robson:

    I bought many records at this store when I worked down town and yes you could play them before you bought them.

  12. Dave Kane:

    The owner (or co-owner) of the Music Shop was the father of a high school classmate of mine, Mike Karpman (Southeast H.S. Class of 1977). I remember going there a lot. I might be wrong, but I think the old Music Shop is now occcupied by Sebastian’s. At least the layout — with a stairway going to the lower level of the restaurant when I went to eat there one time — reminded me of the Music Shop, which I know was roughly at that location on Fifth Street.

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