200 Block S. 6th (1968)



  1. This website is fascinating! Some views are rather sad and then there are some like this one…great job in restoring the architecture! I can only imagine the work in doing a website like this.

  2. Fleta Moore:

    I worked at the Sazarac in 1966 right after I graduated from high school.

  3. E.J.Kienzler II:

    Wish those trees weren’t in the way!!

  4. Al Farmer:

    My Grandma cooked at the Sazarac in the 50’s. In fact, she was the one who created the chili that was so popular there and, later, at tavern’s all over town, like Booker’s. Chili Man Chili has a similar flavor.

    On the corner by the Sazarac was Edwards’ Tobacco, which had a small lunch counter in the back. The guy who ran it was nicknamed ‘Cuz’ and was a friend of my Dad’s. Right across the street is Maldaner’s, one of the places that claims to be the home of the Horseshoe Sandwich, along with NorbAndy’s.

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