1st and Washington (1971)



  1. I like that we have blue skies now. Those old white ones back in the 70s were boring.

  2. Giuseppe:

    More old buildings down to make way for more parking lots… We should have kept the trolley cars!

  3. Jay:

    I always wondered what was on that block bounded by 1st & Washington, 1st and adams going west. Just seemed to be one big parking lot. My dad once told me that Springfield High School and one ot its original buildings used to be there. Is this what used to be there? That would be a cool pic to see.

  4. Benno:

    As far as I know, SHS was never located near 1st and Washington. It was originally on Capitol Ave., near where the practice field is, then moved to S. Fifth, near Monroe. There was another building around the turn of the century at Fourth and Madison. The present building was finished around 1920 (1919?)

  5. Jay:

    I think youre right. It was Old Central High and its address was 301 w Adams The building had a large clocktower. Different block/picture than this one But thanks for the feedback

  6. Prior to the 1971 photo, the business at the corner of 1st and Washington was known as Brunk and Sapp and later Brunks. It was sold in the early 60’s but retained the name Brunks. It was originaly owned by my father James Brunk and Leonard Sapp. Mr. Sapp sold his share of the business in the late 50’s and my father evenually changed the name to Brunks. Would love to see a picture of the original store.

  7. Mike:

    My aunt lived in the apartment building at the bottom left corner up until the late 60’s. I was just a little kid then, But i still remember visiting, and playing with my cousin.
    thanks for the memories

  8. Don:

    On the left of the 1971 picture is the Old State House Inn. It looks like it is still there without the sign on top of it. Across the street you can barely see the parking lot located behind the Armory building.

    Prior to the State House Inn being built the site was a cinder based (residue from coal burning furnaces)parking lot owned by Bob Dineen. Bob Dineed owned and operated “The Bowl” bowling alley which was located on the Northwest corner of 2nd and Washington streets.

    During the daytime hours he rented parking space to state employees who usually worked across the street in the Armory. In the evening the lot was reserved for the league bowlers using the lanes in the bowling alley.

    I know this for a fact because in 1956-57 I was a senior in high school and worked as the parking lot attendant in that lot from 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

    By the way, I was paid 50 cents an hour for my efforts shuffling cars.

  9. Sherry:

    I had heard that where Springfield High School now sits used to be a cemetery. They moved the graves to build the High School.

  10. BOB:

    “The Bowl” bowling alley was on the Northwest corner of 2nd & Adams St.

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