1219 W. Ash (1950)



  1. David Robinson:

    If I’m not mistaken, a man by the name of Harley Mitchell owned this market. He was the butcher and his wife was the cashier. This was our neighborhood market. I used to ride my bicycle over to Mitchell’s and get an ice-cold soda from the machine that was filled with ice water. My mom ran a tab there and I just charged the soda to her account. That was back in the 1940’s and 50’s.

  2. liz cadwell:

    Seems like this building also held ‘The Emporium’ around 1968 or so. Origanally on MacArther accross from the Esquire Theater, it was one of Springfields first fun gift shops with ‘groovy new items for sale!

  3. Giuseppe:

    Wow that house next door looks so cute and well cared for and look how the trees tower over it now! I need to plant some in my backyard…

  4. Janice Butler:

    it also used to be Bib & Tucker, a children’s shop, I believe. then I think it was an upscale ladies’ clothing shop owned I believe by Irv Muncy. Am blanking on it’s name.

  5. The upsale ladies’ clothing shop owned by Irv Muncy was called Plus One.

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