100 Block of Adams (1965)


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  1. Jeff Kornfeld:

    Before and after photos are proof that downtown Springfield really has improved it’s appearance. It is still sad losing the theaters, but thanks to people to many to mention, Springfield looks better all the time. The State House Inn was almost a 2nd home for awhile. A band called A Flock of Tooters, of which I was a member, played there regularly in the 80’s. Part of the compensation besides a few bucks were drinks and a room. The Allman Brothers stayed one night after a gig at the Mansion in Riverton and sat in with the Tooters. Foggy, but true. My best memories there are of the Big Band on sundays with John Sluzalis and Dick Garretson, Nine fingers? Ican’t remeber all the players. Awesome music and awesome times.

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